Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 11.11.11 ♥

Today is a very special date for everyone,
because date like this wont happen in another 100 years that have 6 "one" in common.
Since I don't have loves one to go with so I plan a small gathering for my friends to gets in common relationship =)
I been thinking about this date since the start of this month, and I invited everyone to an event page to get start of planning some activities.
We didn't get through any plans till the day of 11.11.11.
This gets to be a last minute planning when I meet Lucy on her sis's shop,
We just came out with some idea about having a dinner on Tenji 2.
But something happen when I gets home about get ready..
well..guess what?
No Electricity in my area!! thanks to TNB I cant take my shower at home..
luckily I alrdy shower when I finish my workout at gym earlier.

So we been to Tenji-2 for our dinner today at Puteri,
and it's my first time being here...
we only pay at rm38 each person specially thanks to Max Wong that he brought us a voucher and gives a special discount from Sen-Q.
We've also quite late when we arrive there and we've only left like hour and a half..
because Tenji usually close at 10pm we eat as much as we can within this time.

After we finish our meal, it's only 10pm, and it's still haven't end of the day,
so we been to Geographer for 2nd round~
Pei Wan join us after that, cuz she just finish her performance at Yak Chee.

After we get our table at Geographer, Han Wei(the big guy) suddenly calls me,
I thought he gonna ask me out for cc or something,
cuz it was very noisy there cant really heard his voice..
I went out and answer his calls again,
then only I knew that they was having drinks at Chattime,
so I been to there and invited them to join us,
They joined us after a while, and later on I saw Suet Ying them appears in the same place too.
but we didn't join them drink just having some chat and photos together.
not only that, there's also other friends I meet here,
it's quite a great moment then we can spent this time together on this date.

That's the end of story of the day.
Hope you guys don't waste your valuable time doing your own things, spending it all alone.
Take some time, go chill with friends, it might be your memorable moment.

If you don't how to use your time,
you can watch this movie.

It teaches you well,
Good Luck xD.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New College Life & Friends

I stopped my study for almost 4 months back then...and waiting for New University intake..which is Uniten, but I failed to shift in because it wan me to start over again from foundation level.. which will waste me another 1 year and half.. so i decide to go back to my previous college which is Apiit-UCTI.

Since I had skipped my previous intake with my previous classmate, so this intake I'll be alone that joining into this new group of class.'s a whole new environment once i get back, might be too long didn't get used to this.. 1st few week of classes i'm all alone, cuz i hvnt meet any new no matter while lecturing , having break or lunch I'm also alone all the time...and I was very reluctant to make new friends...

After few weeks through, I meet one of my classmate in gorgeous fitness..then i just realize he's also from from there I start to make a new friend and he bring me to his gang in class.

This whole new classmate of mine was very interesting, they makes alot of jokes all the times and very serious when lecturer is teaching. Compare with my previous classmate are really so big different.

I feel so lucky, I thought i came back to this college I'll be all alone with all the foreigners..bcus this school is full of foreigners you's really great to have some really interesting friends in class..

From here I learn that, we should nvr feel reluctance of doing anythings.. especially making new friends =)