Friday, January 22, 2010

4 Weeks of Holidays

I start my holidays at 28th dec 2009 until 25th Jan 2010, which included Buffer week,Final Exam week and Assignment week, but I'll juz assume them as holidays to me. Guess I were getting inactive for this few weeks everyday were juz sitting at home play my online game "Cloud Nine" =( and feel like getting lost contact to all my friends & relatives..some-more 3rd sem is coming soon alrdy, i still feeling much lazier this time and get more addicted to that game =.="also CNY is near, and I haven get any new shirts YET!duh... really dunno how to control myself. btw, juz a sentence to cheer myself up >_<

Good Luck to me~ :D

Friday, January 1, 2010

Worse New Year Eve..

Today, my grandma ask me fetch her to Sri Kembangan there see doctor, usually also my aunt fetch 1, cuz they not free so i had to fetch her there. This is my 2nd time of fetching her there, at 1230pm I bring her there and a maid following as well. go the time all the way smooth, but when coming back the time I reach the Bukit Jalil traffic light there came to an accident..

The time it's green light alrdy, i saw the front car move so i move as well, den after that i look at the opposite road for bout 1 or 2sec, den infront me gt into Emergency Brake! when i turn back my head to the front, it's too late for me to take full brake, so i bang on a old Civic and tat guy bang on a Vios.

This is my 1st time on the road accident, so i dont really know what to do, i call my dad he didn't pick up the phone, i call my fren he tell me half den dun tell my half i also duno how, so i juz let the callmen there decide 4 me, i know it's stupid idea, but i dun1 make traffic jam right now cuz every1 there waiting for my answer..

Until 6pm+ only my dad call me, and that time i went up to little genting with my friends ad, and so he's getting mad after he heard about he incident, and they tell me to settle this problem myself lolz..

At night we when to Little Genting and Celebrate for New Year