Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Memorable Night

This Event I organize was for my close friend,
he's leaving Malaysia soon and going oversea study..

In the way of having this event I've been through alot crisis..
Many of my friends discourage me to organize this BBQ,
even the guy that I represent for him also discourage me..
and many of some others insult and being sarcastic to me just because they don't like me to organize it..
but I've ignored all the fact they treat,
I just insist to continue doing it just for everyone even they don't like it..

The night before the event, i called up few of my close friends to help me with it,
but that night was having a heavy storm, and I checked every weather forecast from the website, it all listed that August 29th(event day) going to have a heavy storm in the evening and night too..
This is my biggest fear that makes me wanna cancel the event, and all my friends told me to cancel it before it's too late, cus i haven't prepare anything yet by that time.. it's a moment for me to got me whole night on bed to think about it...

Next day which is event day,
I just called up someone that can help me to continue to have this BBQ,
this would be a bet to me from Gods..
I prey in the morning and after that I went out with few friends to help me with to prepare everything that's needed.

We been to Giant and also Tesco to get everything prepared, and by that time it's around 5~6pm, the sky turns red and full of dark clouds.. I'm so scare that it going to rain, then i went to a friend house to see the condition of her house to know can make it over there anot incase really raining..

Then I back home and prepare everything, when it's around 730pm the sky gone dark, everyone in the garden just about to go home.

I just guess that it wont rain later, so I move all the stuff to the garden BBQ area..
around 745pm a gang of friends had reach already, it's around 9 of them + 4~5 of us, then everyone help to set up the fire and foods.

Time passes more and more late,yet more and more peoples attend, even some that I didn't expected they attended too..i guess the overall peoples that attended are around 30~40..
this makes me feel really shock to see so many coming..
I've only prepared around 20 peoples of foods and beverage...

Until very late midnight,
still don't have single rain fall...but the sky are purple in color..
this makes me real happy that I did a good bet and a great choice..
around 2am, everyone about to leave, and we got the place clean up..
then someone called Daniel just reach, lolz..then we accompany him chit chat until 4am++ only we go home..

This is the place that I choose for the BBQ area,
it's a very nice place that have trees surrounded, chairs everywhere, sport light and also near to the road, which makes it easier for us to get to our car.

random shoot while BBQ-ing~

Just a memorable day for everyone to have fun in the garden, so we don't forget what we've been through in our Life our Friends and our Happy Moment in time..
something teaches me from myself matter what we do what we decided, we always go to the end, no matter how hard it is, how bad it the end, it will be the glory of what u did...

that's end of my story, thanks for reading :)