Saturday, June 9, 2012


Today after workout, been to ioi mall with friends and ready for a movie. Before going to the movie we had our dinner in "Si Ling restaurant". After the fine dinner, we go watch the movie "snow white". When the movie is finished I just walk out as usual, after that my friend ask for yumcha.. Then we leave ioi mall and find a place yumcha..during yumcha, i realize my wallet isn't in my pocket..and i though i left it in my car or at home cuz i when home a while been search through all the place and i cant find it. This time is where the nervous came..I cant remember anything back then, and usually i use to check my pocket after a movie or before starting my car..I rush back to GSC ioi mall and ask for the counter for retrieval..but they couldn't find anything on it...maybe i had drop somewhere that had alrdy been picked up by someone...Hopefully my lucky day will come this guy will deliver it back to me.. =/