Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another carelessness

Today went to futsal, as usual we went every sunday night to lee chong wei badminton court for futsal. After futsal i went home as usual along with my friends that follow my car. When I sent all my friends back home and i go home as well. At first I didn't realize anything missing, when i reach home i just lay on my bed for while due to tiredness from futsal. Later on someone phoned me, I feel weird cus normally no ppls call me at a time like this..(its 2am that time) When i answer my phone, a girl asked me my name and so. I was wonder who she is, then she told me that "didnt you realize that your wallet was gone?" Then i check my bag where i usually put my wallet wasn't there!! I started abit nervous to speak with her, then she told me she found it at the lcw badminton court and told me to go get it. Lucky that my friend is still at the futsal court there chit-chatting, i called them and requested them to help me get my wallet back from the girl..I was lucky this time, a kind person manage to pick up my wallet..and was lucky that inside my wallet has a police report that i kept from the last time i made about my wallet lost that has contain about my phone number in it...so the girl manage to call me by that.. I guess next time no matter where I go i should had triple check for every instant..