Friday, April 22, 2011

RaNdoM sToRY

Have no class today, so i been to friend's apartment to build our bridge. We starts at 3pm, I only bring few sticks of balsa woods and some stuff to his apartment. First we still didn't know about the design of our we just simply used "West Point Designer" software and comes out with a design.

here we goes~ start to build at 4pm

1st stage~

2nd stage~

3rd stage~

and Finally~~ I have done mine, and it's around 11pm alrdy..><

while on my way back home, some1 suspicious keep following close behind my car, but i didn't tend to let him pass so i go faster, this guy following me along all the highway from bukit jalil, i didn't know what he wan, after that I reach my house place i tot i gonna lose him, but he just keep on follow me, after that I i reach my house and just stop beside the tree wait to let him pass. I saw him take a U-turn infront me and then left d...weirdo..

After finish my bridge today was very tired dy...but on the Next day we had to go for workshop inside our campus to build up a shaped-steel metal using normal work shop tools =_=... lecturer just gave us a rectangular steel metal and a piece of instruction paper and after that he told us to use some basic tools in lab to shape up this steel took me like 7 hours++ in there to get it hands almost feel cramped alrdy...

This is the shaped steel plate I cutting and rubbing it to a shape...