Saturday, November 3, 2012

a Case senario

Today is my first day free from work, so that i went to gym around 11am in the morning. In the middle of my workout. i heard peoples struggling about the men's locker, then i go forward and ask whats happening? The guy said the men locker downstairs has been broken down, and most of the stuff were stolen. I quickly head downstairs and check my locker. I realize that my locker was been cut too, and i check my bags still inside but my wallet was gone...there was 7 victim total which including me got their stuff stolen too.. therefore i quickly call to the bank and cancels all my atm & debits card for safety purpose. Later on i went to the counter and write a report and go for the police station to report about the case. While i am waiting for the queue, a guy called me and said that he found my wallet at Bangsar village shopping mall..therefore i quickly rushed there to get back my wallet. When I got back my wallet, it was only my identification card and my money was i had to get back to the police station and do a report also...

It was really an unlucky day...tot just gonna spent a while in the gym, but took me whole day doing something else.. haiz...this world really wasn't a safe place anymore..

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another carelessness

Today went to futsal, as usual we went every sunday night to lee chong wei badminton court for futsal. After futsal i went home as usual along with my friends that follow my car. When I sent all my friends back home and i go home as well. At first I didn't realize anything missing, when i reach home i just lay on my bed for while due to tiredness from futsal. Later on someone phoned me, I feel weird cus normally no ppls call me at a time like this..(its 2am that time) When i answer my phone, a girl asked me my name and so. I was wonder who she is, then she told me that "didnt you realize that your wallet was gone?" Then i check my bag where i usually put my wallet wasn't there!! I started abit nervous to speak with her, then she told me she found it at the lcw badminton court and told me to go get it. Lucky that my friend is still at the futsal court there chit-chatting, i called them and requested them to help me get my wallet back from the girl..I was lucky this time, a kind person manage to pick up my wallet..and was lucky that inside my wallet has a police report that i kept from the last time i made about my wallet lost that has contain about my phone number in the girl manage to call me by that.. I guess next time no matter where I go i should had triple check for every instant..

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Month

Music of the Month

Event of the Month 

Work of the Month 

Me of the Month

Life is like a brief candle, the flame can banish anytime.
Life is meaningless as there's no future to look forward.
Life is temporary as death can happen anytime.
Learn to Appreciate Your Time.
As Life is Short & Sudden.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Today after workout, been to ioi mall with friends and ready for a movie. Before going to the movie we had our dinner in "Si Ling restaurant". After the fine dinner, we go watch the movie "snow white". When the movie is finished I just walk out as usual, after that my friend ask for yumcha.. Then we leave ioi mall and find a place yumcha..during yumcha, i realize my wallet isn't in my pocket..and i though i left it in my car or at home cuz i when home a while been search through all the place and i cant find it. This time is where the nervous came..I cant remember anything back then, and usually i use to check my pocket after a movie or before starting my car..I rush back to GSC ioi mall and ask for the counter for retrieval..but they couldn't find anything on it...maybe i had drop somewhere that had alrdy been picked up by someone...Hopefully my lucky day will come this guy will deliver it back to me.. =/

Saturday, March 17, 2012

~My 21st Birthday 2012~

I had been thinking for all this while, what I'm gonna do on my 21st Birthday.. It's being so indecisive for me to think that either opening a party or just a normal dinner with friends or just either just ignore my own day.. So this decision has been decided since my parents allows me to open a birthday party, and it's very lucky that I finished my final exams on 9th of March.. so there's 1 week for me to prepare everything.

It's also a good decision that making a birthday party, so I can receive many presents and ang pau~^^ as I never really receive a single birthday present before until now haha..well, and hopefully my wishes will came true for this I dun wan to walk my path alone forever~ *.*

*some random photos taken*

the crowd in my house~

The Cake ~ Specially thanks to someone whom made it

The Relatives

The Relatives

The Promoters

The Puchong Mates

The College Mates

The Secondary Mates

The Elderly Mate

The Best Wish~ (I'm actually praying haha..>")

The Best Memories~

All the beloved presents~ <3

Peoples that attended 2nite was like 130~150.. was far ranged from my i only invited like 80 peoples..and mostly didn't really show up.. but i'm still having great time to those whom came by and I'm really grateful for everything, this would really be my best birthday night at all~ <33