Monday, July 19, 2010

Moment of Switching

It's time that i gonna back to my College life, I had spoke to my Manager & my colleague of my resignation last week, by the time they know I'm leaving they seems pretty depressed and I felt very sorry for keeping my background as a secret to them. But there's no choice for me to do so..

Registration date would be fall on 12th July to 25th July for my Degree Level 1. Guess until time like this i cant hesitate anymore for going to other University but to stay in Apiit and Continue my course. Although some of my close friend were left me this time but i don't have any other choice.

By 25th July I gonna stop working at Gain City Parts alrdy, I guess my colleague gonna do a little gathering with me by the time.. really cant imagine time has been going so fast and it alrdy reach the ending point.

Recently Watched a Anime named "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" this is the 2nd Series of it, i watched the 1st Series last few years, by now i only realize there's 2nd Series of it, but this 2nd Series is way better and way touched than the 1st Series.. duno why after finish watching it feels like wanna watch again and keep thinks about their animations.

This Series really nice and worth watching, if any1 watched the 1st Series and haven't watch this yet, go download it and watch, I bet u'll like it. :D