Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011~

This Christmas i got a scented candles holder as a Christmas gift...and..i guess this is my first Christmas gift after all.. I got it from my friend's friend Christmas box, actually I'm not familiar with those guys..but all my friends having their own plan and activity, so I end up planless during Christmas eve...sometimes I really envy ppls that have brothers, best friends or lover..cus no matter what condition you have, you wont be going it alone..

During Christmas eve, I meet a group of awesome and interesting guys.....they were my friend's friends as i mention earlier.. they were having a exchange Christmas present party in a new house. I just simply bought something from where I works and pack it in my friend house..and we go there about 10pm gather up and play some games...they start to exchange Christmas present by numbering by around 2am and after that we circle up and listen to a guy's story and whenever he mention "left" or "right" we had to move our Christmas gift as it was really exciting at that moment haha..

After everyone got their present and we grab a group photo =) and around 3am most ppls were left and so do we.. although I didn't really know them but it was really great time having fun with them and bring a joy to this Christmas.

I guess everyone out there having more interesting moment on Christmas and by somehow I wish everyone had a Happy Merry Christmas and also a Happy New Year =)

Thinks about New Year I still had no plan yet..and I guess this Year I'm ended up single again><

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Today I woke up abit late for class, cus was really tired yesterday at work and having a back pain all day long.... so I pack up everything and rush for class, once I step to my car and ready to go, I saw a deep concave scar at the back of my car..I got stunt for few sec once i saw the damage..I had no idea when this happen.. and so I ignore the fact at the moment and rush for class.

After class I back home, and I get down from my car I saw another damaged area at the front driver side..I was really confuse by the time..cus i didn't saw all these damage yesterday...even I park outside my working area I dun think got ppl will bang my car back and side...I told my dad to see the damage and he told me this will cost some money to fix it back and tell me to park my car nicely next time.. but I still dun believe I got hit by any car in condition like this..

My car was still new for I'm really precious to it, but such case happen makes me really depressed..

Back Part..

Side Part..

This Part I just realize after I trying to take photos at the Damaged part..

Do you guys think that from such view the car is being hit by others?

actually I alrdy know what happen to it..but haiz..hate to tell, hate to care and hate to know what I'm going to do about it...

This Article is just some sharing ... =)
If you guys wan know more can ask me about it, or you can just ignore the post =)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[College] Joke of the Day

1st joke...

While we was inside Alex's car on the way to breakfast in the morning...

Sg asking Tom..
Sg : Hey tom, you always go to gym? how much you pay ar?
Tom : er...I
Sg : nvm, how many times u go per week ar?
Tom : er...I
Sg : forget it, what you doing over there ar? what did u play?
Tom : er...I play

Wil sit beside Sg and say
Wil : Hey Tom! y you keep repeating the question ar? how much ar? play wat ar? i go ar? LOL

I sit beside beside Tom and laugh the crap out of me LOL..then Sg laughing and ask him again

Sg : Hey, later what u eat ar? u gonna answer like wat ar...? LOL

Tom himself feels funny about it too LoL..

2nd joke...

While we was having Electrical Machine class...
The Lecturer was teaching something about Power and so...
but then suddenly he talks something out of topic..

Lecturer : Do you know we need to drink hot waters at 4pm to 6pm everyday?
Sg asked him..
Sg : Sir, Why ar?

Lecturer : Because that's hows our internal organ is build of, they required it.
Everyone in class got stunned for few sec and laugh about it LOL..

Then after he mention something much about water and Sg asked again..

Sg : Sir, what water you drinking ar? isn't that mineral water? (pointing at the lecturer's bottle)

Lecturer : No, it's not (stop for 3 secs).. This is drinking water.
Everyone in class got stunned and laugh again Rofl!!

There're more jokes about today..but i forgot most of it...@@
It's funny and interesting to have jokes like this everyday xDD

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 11.11.11 ♥

Today is a very special date for everyone,
because date like this wont happen in another 100 years that have 6 "one" in common.
Since I don't have loves one to go with so I plan a small gathering for my friends to gets in common relationship =)
I been thinking about this date since the start of this month, and I invited everyone to an event page to get start of planning some activities.
We didn't get through any plans till the day of 11.11.11.
This gets to be a last minute planning when I meet Lucy on her sis's shop,
We just came out with some idea about having a dinner on Tenji 2.
But something happen when I gets home about get ready..
well..guess what?
No Electricity in my area!! thanks to TNB I cant take my shower at home..
luckily I alrdy shower when I finish my workout at gym earlier.

So we been to Tenji-2 for our dinner today at Puteri,
and it's my first time being here...
we only pay at rm38 each person specially thanks to Max Wong that he brought us a voucher and gives a special discount from Sen-Q.
We've also quite late when we arrive there and we've only left like hour and a half..
because Tenji usually close at 10pm we eat as much as we can within this time.

After we finish our meal, it's only 10pm, and it's still haven't end of the day,
so we been to Geographer for 2nd round~
Pei Wan join us after that, cuz she just finish her performance at Yak Chee.

After we get our table at Geographer, Han Wei(the big guy) suddenly calls me,
I thought he gonna ask me out for cc or something,
cuz it was very noisy there cant really heard his voice..
I went out and answer his calls again,
then only I knew that they was having drinks at Chattime,
so I been to there and invited them to join us,
They joined us after a while, and later on I saw Suet Ying them appears in the same place too.
but we didn't join them drink just having some chat and photos together.
not only that, there's also other friends I meet here,
it's quite a great moment then we can spent this time together on this date.

That's the end of story of the day.
Hope you guys don't waste your valuable time doing your own things, spending it all alone.
Take some time, go chill with friends, it might be your memorable moment.

If you don't how to use your time,
you can watch this movie.

It teaches you well,
Good Luck xD.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New College Life & Friends

I stopped my study for almost 4 months back then...and waiting for New University intake..which is Uniten, but I failed to shift in because it wan me to start over again from foundation level.. which will waste me another 1 year and half.. so i decide to go back to my previous college which is Apiit-UCTI.

Since I had skipped my previous intake with my previous classmate, so this intake I'll be alone that joining into this new group of class.'s a whole new environment once i get back, might be too long didn't get used to this.. 1st few week of classes i'm all alone, cuz i hvnt meet any new no matter while lecturing , having break or lunch I'm also alone all the time...and I was very reluctant to make new friends...

After few weeks through, I meet one of my classmate in gorgeous fitness..then i just realize he's also from from there I start to make a new friend and he bring me to his gang in class.

This whole new classmate of mine was very interesting, they makes alot of jokes all the times and very serious when lecturer is teaching. Compare with my previous classmate are really so big different.

I feel so lucky, I thought i came back to this college I'll be all alone with all the foreigners..bcus this school is full of foreigners you's really great to have some really interesting friends in class..

From here I learn that, we should nvr feel reluctance of doing anythings.. especially making new friends =)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pity Dog~

Got a stray dog came to my house today after me and my family back from dinner we saw it standing infront our door waiting for us to come home. Once we open the house gate it ran into our house like its home.
That dog seems pretty cute and looks very similar to the dog I had, and it's also very obedient. I think that it should be someone's missing and my siblings also very like it and I feel like keeping it into our house for while better than leaving it outside all alone..But my dad were very bad temper that night, he just chased it out from the house with a stick without mercy...I thinking if this dog came to our house it might can be a good partner of my lonely dog ><

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Memorable Night

This Event I organize was for my close friend,
he's leaving Malaysia soon and going oversea study..

In the way of having this event I've been through alot crisis..
Many of my friends discourage me to organize this BBQ,
even the guy that I represent for him also discourage me..
and many of some others insult and being sarcastic to me just because they don't like me to organize it..
but I've ignored all the fact they treat,
I just insist to continue doing it just for everyone even they don't like it..

The night before the event, i called up few of my close friends to help me with it,
but that night was having a heavy storm, and I checked every weather forecast from the website, it all listed that August 29th(event day) going to have a heavy storm in the evening and night too..
This is my biggest fear that makes me wanna cancel the event, and all my friends told me to cancel it before it's too late, cus i haven't prepare anything yet by that time.. it's a moment for me to got me whole night on bed to think about it...

Next day which is event day,
I just called up someone that can help me to continue to have this BBQ,
this would be a bet to me from Gods..
I prey in the morning and after that I went out with few friends to help me with to prepare everything that's needed.

We been to Giant and also Tesco to get everything prepared, and by that time it's around 5~6pm, the sky turns red and full of dark clouds.. I'm so scare that it going to rain, then i went to a friend house to see the condition of her house to know can make it over there anot incase really raining..

Then I back home and prepare everything, when it's around 730pm the sky gone dark, everyone in the garden just about to go home.

I just guess that it wont rain later, so I move all the stuff to the garden BBQ area..
around 745pm a gang of friends had reach already, it's around 9 of them + 4~5 of us, then everyone help to set up the fire and foods.

Time passes more and more late,yet more and more peoples attend, even some that I didn't expected they attended too..i guess the overall peoples that attended are around 30~40..
this makes me feel really shock to see so many coming..
I've only prepared around 20 peoples of foods and beverage...

Until very late midnight,
still don't have single rain fall...but the sky are purple in color..
this makes me real happy that I did a good bet and a great choice..
around 2am, everyone about to leave, and we got the place clean up..
then someone called Daniel just reach, lolz..then we accompany him chit chat until 4am++ only we go home..

This is the place that I choose for the BBQ area,
it's a very nice place that have trees surrounded, chairs everywhere, sport light and also near to the road, which makes it easier for us to get to our car.

random shoot while BBQ-ing~

Just a memorable day for everyone to have fun in the garden, so we don't forget what we've been through in our Life our Friends and our Happy Moment in time..
something teaches me from myself matter what we do what we decided, we always go to the end, no matter how hard it is, how bad it the end, it will be the glory of what u did...

that's end of my story, thanks for reading :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Over~

Been having a hard time since last past week due to final exams and assignments..
i stopped all my activities during this period and just focus on study,
but i guess i didn't really did so well in this coming exam..
but however it's over, so dun wanna think about it anymore till the result is out.
this probably my final time in Apiit University, I'm shifting college once my result is published..
reason why I'm shifting is because this college is totally indescribably in it's failure.

I'm gonna shift to Uniten by somehow a semi-govn school would be alot cheaper,
the only disadvantage is alots malay in this college..
hopefully they wont be those "kind" of malay.

Align Right
a little lazy act while studying in the middle of night.. ><

After finish exam, we been to Mid Valley for meal in Chili's restaurant

somehow foods here not really that nice, and very expansive..
only advantage is that u can keep refill the drinks u order, but i dont drink that much :x..
that's it, end of the day~ :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Autodesk Inventor 2012

A little design which took me 1 week to construct~

external view

internal view

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bridge Test~

My Bridge~

weight - 58g (which is very over)

only can stands up to 160N but still remain constrain, not fully destroyed ~_~

Only broke a little ~_~

Monday, May 2, 2011

My New Car~

Since a while i been waiting for this car.
here's the story...
My dad trade in my previous car (Proton Waja) to a Kenari with an additional of RM6k,
so it was to said that the Kenari was cost about RM24k...I know it seems to be scam and stupid, but my dad decide it's worth so up to him..
Once the 2nd hand Kenari came to my house, I feel it's even worse then my waja...
the condition of that car was very bad, and so my dad said the sales man (which is his friend) will fix the problem.
The only benefit of having this car is the air-con, cuz my waja air-con compressor is i suffering sauna everyday while driving waja...

After we get everything done for the kenari, the condition is still bad.. once start the engine there would be a very annoying sound came out from the engine especially when u step the pedal the sounds go louder with higher pitch.

After a while then my dad himself decide to sell it back to that salesman, and so the salesman introduce him to get a new saga fl.

After that my dad tells me about it, and ask me to pay the installment every month, well..guess i had no choice but to accept it, cuz i dun1 get another faulty car again..the payment wasn't so high since we trade in back the Kenari to that guy the overall cost is deducted RM23k and the New Saga fl was only 40k I only had to pay for the remaining 17k for about 5 years time..

It's been a month since I wait for this car, y so long? it's bcuz to the new car plate we had to wait...

(front view)

(side view)

actually I chooses the color of Granite Grey for this car, I tot it gonna looks grey in color but this seems to be a purple for me...mayb the failure in proton company didn't know how to differ color.. I didn't choose solid white bcuz I know i wasn't a guy who would so take care of my car...white is easy to get dirt and change in color.. so ya, this would be a better choice now.

Friday, April 22, 2011

RaNdoM sToRY

Have no class today, so i been to friend's apartment to build our bridge. We starts at 3pm, I only bring few sticks of balsa woods and some stuff to his apartment. First we still didn't know about the design of our we just simply used "West Point Designer" software and comes out with a design.

here we goes~ start to build at 4pm

1st stage~

2nd stage~

3rd stage~

and Finally~~ I have done mine, and it's around 11pm alrdy..><

while on my way back home, some1 suspicious keep following close behind my car, but i didn't tend to let him pass so i go faster, this guy following me along all the highway from bukit jalil, i didn't know what he wan, after that I reach my house place i tot i gonna lose him, but he just keep on follow me, after that I i reach my house and just stop beside the tree wait to let him pass. I saw him take a U-turn infront me and then left d...weirdo..

After finish my bridge today was very tired dy...but on the Next day we had to go for workshop inside our campus to build up a shaped-steel metal using normal work shop tools =_=... lecturer just gave us a rectangular steel metal and a piece of instruction paper and after that he told us to use some basic tools in lab to shape up this steel took me like 7 hours++ in there to get it hands almost feel cramped alrdy...

This is the shaped steel plate I cutting and rubbing it to a shape...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crappy Day...

Today didn't know whats wrong with me, being so forgetful..I having class on 11am morning until 6pm noon today and 6pm i had to join a activity in our college with my friends along.

While the 2nd class end on 345pm, i walk down to the PC fair which had opened lately in nearby our college, around 430++ we walk back up to our college and I take my friend car to go get my car at the car park. After that when I enter my last class which is in a lab, i realize the pendrive in my pocket was gone, the pendrive i just bought on several weeks ago...ok this would be my 1st lost.

After that I take my netbook out along with the charger and start doing my lab work, when it's 6 sharp the class end, then my friend told me pack up and to go the activity we join.

I change in the toilet and leave all my dirty cloths in a plastic bag.
By the time, the activity end, I just take my netbook bag along with me and leave. When im ready to leave, i realize something missing when im inside my car den i quickly head back, and it's gone.. i guess my coach or some1 had took it.... well this would be my 2nd Lost of the day.

After that when i head back to my car, I rmb putting my phone and wallet into my bag b4 i going to the activity, but my phone is not in my bag..i was like OMG, where it go!! its alrdy 8pm++ at night, guess there's nothing i can do and just go home like that. And that would be my 3rd Lost of the day!

After reaching home, I try to go on9 on facebook and ask my coach n friends did they saw my stuff, when I take out my netbook, I realize my charger is not in my bag!! And this trigger my mind that i left it in the lab just now!! at the moment i really dun understand what going on with me alrdy, i just ignore the fact and leave it as it is, i just gonna go back to school 2moro and find it..=.= This would be my 4th LOST of the Day!

but I retrieve everything back in the end lololx...
Pendrive = dropped in my friend car
Cloths = my coach took it for me
Charger = got it back in "Lost & Found" at my college
Phone = Got it Inside my car, just found it inside on the 2nd day LOL!

I guess something rlly wrong withs me, I always getting headache nowadays..i can actually take out my socks and shoes from my bag and after wearing my socks and put my shoes back into the bag =.="

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beware Facebookers...

Today I had class for whole day...from 8am to 6pm, during break my friend told me to view someone's facebook profile bcuz she's pretty or something. so I used my fb profile to view her profile and i close it within a min cuz there's rlly ntg much to see there.

After all class end, i back home and go online to facebook. I saw some random person which i didn't know keep spam at my facebook page and scolding me with bad words saying why I wan to fxx her girlfren and so. I was like didn't know what happen at all and i quickly blocked him and try to ignore the fact.

Hours later, i used another fake fb account login and check on that spammer. And I saw something that i can't rlly believe with my eyes...I saw that the person had took some photos from my profile and uploaded it on his page and insult me with it..he's like spreading to everyone about me. I still dunno what happen by then..cuz this guy is such a stranger to me... after that i saw another screenshot he took down and post on his page. I actually seen that I had messaged the girl that I view her profile earlier today with some rlly bad and ridicules words...not gonna describe it here...but I seriously didn't send anything to her before..

After knowing the reason why, I used my fake account and message them with explanation, hope they'll understand and stop the spread.

For all other facebookers, please bkful, this might happens to you too. And don't ever to try add somebody that you didn't know, this is really a bad habits too, it might cause some virus that you didn't know.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Sadness flies away on the wings of time;
I don't know if I'm getting better or just used to the pain;
Nobody really cares if you’re miserable, so you might as well be happy;
Behind my smile is everything you'll never understand;
It sucks to be alone, even when there are people all around you;
I wake up and think dreams are real. I sleep so I don't have to feel;
The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it;
Words hurt more than anything else can, because they last, sometimes forever;
I wanna get lost from my life sometimes, sit on the side and watch the world go by, I wanna get lost and I don't know why;
I've learned it takes years to build up trust, but only seconds to destroy it;
I didn't want to admit it. It was easier to lie. Hide the hurt and emptiness to smile instead of cry;
Not all scars show, not all wounds heal. Sometimes you can't always see the pain someone feels.

-by anonymous-

Friday, February 11, 2011

Chinese New Year~

This Chinese New Year I got quite less ang pau, cuz many relatives has spread...some has gone outstation and didn't come back... other than that, this CNY were kinda bad for certain peoples, cuz many area were having flood like JB and so, it rains continuously for several days since CNY started.. lucky my home town was at Malacca, didn't meet through any flooding area.

Today I broke another tyre while on my way to college, I didn't realize it on the beginning, after that a car behind me keep hon at me and then that guy take over me and keep pointing my back tyre, so I know what's going on alrdy, luckily there's a Shell station beside me so that i can drive over there and change the spare tyre.

Time passes so fast that CNY is gonna end soon and Valentine time is coming near, but I guess this valentine is just gonna be the same as all the valentine days before haha...going through it alone as usual x/

Just to Wish Everyone had a Great time and Happy Chinese New Year and also a Wonderful Valentine~ 恭喜发财! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Back to College Time~

2nd Sem starting now, but it's stupid that they start it before the Chinese New Year, and give another holidays after the 1st week. The new Schedule is also kinda silly that it gives us 3 to 6 hours break on certain day, expecting what should we do in our break time. However, I still had to face all these disturbances for another 3years...Life's just so hilarious for me :/

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Being Lazy Againnn

My maid has came back to work for us, finally won't see a messy house again and don't have to do all my housing duty anymoree~
Still in holidays right now, but can't get any part job to work...i', running out of goodssssss.. need incomeee T_T getting broker and broker...bunch of friends having birthday this month...been spending so much :/

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Farewell 2010

Didn't know what I had achieved in the Year of 2010...all I know is time is running fast, and I'm about to reach 20 this year.
Something really disgrace happen to me at the last day of this year, which humiliated my life. Things just happen so randomly that I can't even control or realizing it.
Almost Every last day before new year, there would be a crush happen to me that I can't forget it for my life... Previous year 31Dec2009, I got into accident while bringing my grandmother to see doctor.. on my way back home i got into accident, luckily condition is not that serious...
Sometimes, I really Hate My Life and really trying to end my ridiculous life earlier before something worse happen again..