Saturday, November 3, 2012

a Case senario

Today is my first day free from work, so that i went to gym around 11am in the morning. In the middle of my workout. i heard peoples struggling about the men's locker, then i go forward and ask whats happening? The guy said the men locker downstairs has been broken down, and most of the stuff were stolen. I quickly head downstairs and check my locker. I realize that my locker was been cut too, and i check my bags still inside but my wallet was gone...there was 7 victim total which including me got their stuff stolen too.. therefore i quickly call to the bank and cancels all my atm & debits card for safety purpose. Later on i went to the counter and write a report and go for the police station to report about the case. While i am waiting for the queue, a guy called me and said that he found my wallet at Bangsar village shopping mall..therefore i quickly rushed there to get back my wallet. When I got back my wallet, it was only my identification card and my money was i had to get back to the police station and do a report also...

It was really an unlucky day...tot just gonna spent a while in the gym, but took me whole day doing something else.. haiz...this world really wasn't a safe place anymore..