Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another Lonely Period~

My Family all went to Indonesia already~ left me and my bro at home.. my bro most the time go work it only be me at home @@ until Thursday they only back~ so this following days my dinner i'll be makan sendiri lols~ kesian le~

Any1 free to accompany me along~? ><

Friday, November 27, 2009

MOS Night~!

MOS - Ministry of Sound

About 20 of us went to MOS at Sunway~ we're abit late cuz kah hoe them take the wrong route, we said to meet at 1130pm, bcuz late so we 12am only went in.

4 bottles ~!!

yum yum yum ~! ! lols ~ @@At 3am Midnight only it ended~ all mabuk jor that time haha~

Sunday, November 15, 2009

UCTI Year End Gathering

Today Having our UCTI/Apiit Year End Gathering, almost half of my classmates were going~ we taking 2 tables at the front 1 and each table 10 persons~

The Event start at 7pm at KL Crown Plaza Hotel~
I started my car at 530pm, it was raining at the moment, i went to fetch Jet and Fred from fortune park then went back to Apiit bring Jia Ming them along, cuz Jia Ming them duno the way so they juz follow behind my car lo~ (actually i also duno ><) We went to the place that Alex told me, and waiting him arrive over there at Cheras Shell Station, he said to be there at 630pm, but den when we arrive, I didn't saw him and I call him den he said "Har?? u there ad?? i tot u said 630pm only out?" LoLx~ this fella really everything last minute 1 =.=" Den I went to Jia Ming's car ask from Wai Heng his phone GPS, so we juz try to use the GPS and detect the location lo~ then went we reach KL, we Saw the Crown Plaza alrdy, but....It took us more den 30minutes to find the entrance lols~~ I juz following Jia Ming's car circling around the Crown Plaza =.=" and he almost accident infront me!! The traffic light infront is gone red, den he didn't saw it and juz go through, those car and the side coming almost bang him lolz!! I juz stop at the red light there watching wat he doing=.=" About 745pm we only entered the Crown Plaza Ballroom, inside the ballroom really nice~ it's juz like in genting only It was dark and smoky inside ~ Alex them about 815pm only reach lols~ and so we start our meals about 830pm ~_~ There were alot performance, dancing or singing were show on stage~ few were quite nice only xD

All my lovely classmate~ Happy Gathering ^^

Em..At about 11pm, the event is ended~ , and Apiit gave us a free ticket to Clubbing~ but not really actually it's free la, had to pay also haha xD~ but 15 only :)
We went to a Clubbing place called "Maison" at KL , It was above 21 only allow to enter, juz bcuz we had Apiit's entry ticket, so they don't have to check our ages on that day =)
Everyones were getting "high" on that night and most of them were drunken too haha~

and so we "high" until bout 3am+ only back~ was very enjoying that night~ and so we good bye to each other and good luck to all drivers ~

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dying Day...

Today once wake up in morning then feel something wrongs is with my stomach alrdy...After that i try to have a bowel movement at the toilet, but still feel very pain after i pull out "something" so, i juz force myself to wake up n go to bath like that lor...i were keep holding on my stomach that time..den after that i go down take some pills( fong sa yuan ) hope it will be better, but after i take the pills i feel like vomit alrdy..den i go vomit at the toilet later on...

Actually today was plan to go watch movie (2012) at Mid Valley 1..but, for my condition..i think juz cancel it 1130am, my maid tell me to go my sis school to get report card for her at Yak Chee, my parents were been out to work on that time and my bro also having work on his way, i juz forced myself to drive all the way to Yak Chee lo.. that moment my whole body is heating, and i'm sweating inside my car..i use 1 hand control steeling and 1 hand holding my stomach..while i drive out from my house i think i hit something with my behind tire, and so my tire were broken and running out of air at the moment, that time i still didnt notice my tire is bomjek when i driving out from my house, and i juz driving all the way to Yak Chee with 3 Wheels.. while reach Yak Chee, i'm half-past dead whole body is cooling, i feel very cold and pain. so i force myself get to my sis class and find a place to be seated..

That moment everybody is looking at my dying face, a aunty that sit beside me tell me izzit stomachache? i softly answer yes...den she was really kind and get me a glass of warm water, but i cant drink much..cuz the more i drink the more i feel to vomit..after that she ask me wan bring me go see doctor anot..even i duno who she is, but at such condition i juz answer ok lo..den she called my parents and ask my mum over to take my sis back and her report card..and after that she straight away fetch me to nearby clinic, before going to her car, i had to move my car 1st cuz i was blocking some1, then she accompany me to my car and i pass the key to her to move it..i was lying at the back seat of my car that the moment, and she told me my tire is bomjek alrdy..den that moment i only notice my tire is bomjek..and so she bring her car over and fetch me to the nearby clinic with her son 2gether..once i enter her car i juz lying at the back seat only like a dead body.

After reach clinic, doctor checked up and say it was something like gastric or food poisoning..den he str8 away give me some pills and take it instantly..after i take the pills i feeling much better alrdy...i can walk n talk at that moment ad, before that i cant even speak up..all phones call also give the aunt take..After that she bring me back to the School, and leave me there with my car were bomjek alrdy, and so i had to replace it with spare tire, i cant do it on my own, bcuz i was out of strength alrdy at the moment, lucky there's a uncle came by and helped me over it..After finish replacing, i thanks them and leave the school to Dee's shop there and fix my tire.

It's was unlucky that my tire is total out, means cant be fixed alrdy i had to change a new juz change it lor wat to do..this year i have total changed 6 new tires..ppl 1 year also nvr change once..=.= and after that i juz back and rest lor.. 2day really meet some1 that really kind, that aunt name is "Ann Teoh" even i duno who she was, but she helped me alot..really thanks =)