Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Taylor Visitation

Today I late to class again~ 845am class but i 850am only get out from my house lols..lucky this time the teacher nvr concern about my late haha xp, cuz she was ready to go out somewhere when i enter the class lolz.. After class we have our breakfast at enterprise 3 cafeteria, then Alex receive a call that a pool's competition is held at Taylor college, and Apiit is looking for the best player to join for it.

Alex getting interesting for the competition and ready to join for it, so I and kah hoe them juz be the Supporter to the competition. We take 2 cars go, Alex driving his fortuner and 1 Apiit's van total 10 of us are going to the competition, it's only 4 participants actually.

Once we ready Taylor College, we look and walk around over there, and Alex is leading us. Firstly we entered the wrong block, the QA Snooker & Pool was at Block B3 7th floor, but we enter wrongly to A3 7th floor an unknown hotel room places lolz..Once we get to the competition area, we saw alot peoples over there.. den Alex saw all participants looks very pro and he getting coward to compete it, and so fred replaced him..fred was totally a beginner .. he dun even know how to hold the "Q" ...aiks..really paiseh lo, Apiit sent such ppl to a competition..feel really ashame lolz..

While the competition is on, Alex bring us go down to the cafeteria there and try to look for some meals for our lunch, and Alex said he wan to go for toilet 1st, we saw the toilet right infront us, but it's closed, then we try to search for another 1...den we been searching for 30++minutes alrdy!! but we hvnt found any toilet yet! i wonder this dam facilities really lack of toilets swt...we walking around the building few rounds and back to the same place again lolz...every1 is sweating alrdy=.= then Alex jz 4get about the toilet and go to nearby restaurant to have our meals.

After we finish our meals some of them had finish the competition alrdy..but all of them lose ofcuz lolz...then we went up and watch ppl play pool for a while longer and we going back to college alrdy..today almost half of the class empty i guess, cuz most of us are same class and we're skipping one of the class for the competition ...lolz

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Balik Kampung~_~

Recently gt some relatives ask me got back my hometown see my grandma them anot, i cant give them answer because me myself not sure that my parents would wan to go back there...then on Sunday night after my parents them back from dinner (they was drunk) and my mum ask me wan go back anot, so i juz simply answer ok lo..

Next Morning, i packed up at 11am then was ready to go back to my hometown(Melaka), was only me and my mum going back, firstly my mum drove the new car (Myvi) to her shop at Seri Kembangan there to get something 1st, then go have lunch there also..But i very dislike the way my mum drive lo, her driving skills is very sensitives always like to suddenly full brake, even the distance between our car and the front car is about 100m long, ppl infront brake abit only den she will go for deep brake.. make me wan to vomit when seat on her car=.="

So i be guai zai and ask my mum go purchase a "P" logo and stick on the Myvi car there, then i will drive back to Melaka =), While along the way back there was smoothly at the 1st 20minutes then after that very very jam along the way...=.= we jam for about 1 hour along the highway ... damn sienz lor..and somemore my mum very noisy 1, firstly, while i driving she keep said Dont Drive so Fast la!! i will get heart attack lo !! i was juz drive 110-130km/hr only lo, bcuz the new car no power 1 cant go further=.=, usually i drive waja also 150-170km/hr on highway 1 =P but ofcuz i will drive safe also la, dun underestimate my driving skills...then while jam the time because i keep my distance quite near to the front car ma, den she said Dont so Near la!! Later ppl Reverse Car den Bang liao!! ..=.= I juz wonder why ppl will reverse their car at a highway(fast lane) juz marvelous lo my mum zz.. i jz keep quiet and drive as my own will lo..i will keep on ignore what she said lolz =P

It took us bout 3 hours+ to reach Melaka to see my popo, it was half year didn see her alrdy..she juz 4got who i am ad lo!! she call me "ah Hong" (my bro name) when she saw me...den i keep say I'm "ah Wai" ah.. den she keep argue with me said I'm ah Hong zz...My popo at my uncle's house her own house was on other side, but she didn live there anymore since my grandpa pass away...after we had dinner at my uncle's house then we go to Tampin to my mum's sister house stay lo...ok la..i wont continue from here ad..it will be quite bored after then =) thanks for reading

Friday, September 18, 2009


Why I always get scold without any reason?
Why I always so weak to fight back what's really the right?
Why I always get the right to fight back but i always held it as a secret?
Why I always being so silent and suffering from unknown?
Why I always being so weaken and feel like don't even have a single tenacity of a man?
Why Should I always being so good all the times?
Why Should I always Ease up on the past and let go of the anger?
Why Should I always fill up with Hatred?

Why Should I ever listen to them?
Why Should I ever live?

Saturday, September 12, 2009


2012 !!! End of the World !! Although I don't believe it's true, but the rumor of it is making me interesting!!

This is the Trailer i wan to share with everyone =)

Coming soon in this November
Find out the true : 2012

Monday, September 7, 2009


aiks..i dunno why Apiit so unfair, even Secondary school have public holiday 2day, I juz finish Final Exam then it start 2nd sem straight away not even a single week holiday for us=.=" and my new Schedule is soo full... everyday morning until evening (6-7pm) zz..

Today's time is most stress !! 845am class until 530pm, then i had to go "Yuen" buffet with my old school friends at 5pm..so it's abit rush for me to get there, or maybe i juz had to "p" my last class... we might had buffet until 9pm den had to go for Snooker competition at "KH 20" 1st floor there..

Me,Yang,Chupei and Bear Zai compete with the competition, it was total 20 peoples of participants.. and I'm juz start to learn this game few months ago, so its abit funny for me to compete it lolz...and i noe that it's hopeless for me to win the price =.=

Then the next day i also duno wan go anot...the price is so expansive, and the place is so far.. aiks...hard decision making ...and also i guess that i have no time to purchase any present for her...aiks..

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just Another Day of Mine....

Today wake up earlier in the morning 630am to fetch my sis to school (Yak Chee), was soo tired leh...after came back also cannot sleep liao, then i go on9 for a while and go for Malaysian Study class at 845am with Jet (I driving) ...

Today's class were so little peoples leh..because everyones at my foundation just finish their Final Exam, and every1 is not planning to come for the class..Only me and Jet attend it for today..so bored..

Our class finish at 1230pm, after that we gt nothing to do then i asked Jet to help me paste flier of "Lost Dog" lo..the dog was belongs to my friend, it was missing few days ago..and she having exam's coming so i just plan of helping her out to search for her missing dog lo..After we finish pasting we went to lunch 2gether with Ah Dee them at Kenari there lo...

After finish our lunch me and Jet just went back to home and rest lo~ was getting so tired 2day..I back home online for a while den get some nap for myself lo.. at 5pm my parents return from China, and they're waking me up with make alot noises..i juz having no emotional of their return lo lolz..then 6pm i went to Yak Chee and fetch my sis back home ... really getting bored..

After exam was tot of geting some work to do, but my 2nd Sem Start Straight away...and we getting no break for it aiks ..and now was being toooo bored ad..so i write some lame blog for myself.. for any readers please 4give me of wasting ur time reading it haha...=X

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Maths Exam~

Final Exam for Maths start 2day, my Maths getting poor ad bcuz of playing all de time, While was going to have Exam i juz did some quick revision for it.

Today juz sienz lor...was planning go BBJ together wif kah hoe them to do revision at last minute, but then Saktia sms me and told me to bring her the way to BBJ, and so we said to meet in college at around 1230pm, but it was 130pm she only arrive !! make me wait so long zzz...

The Exam start at 2pm, den after that Alex call me said he forgot bring calculator LoL~ ask me go find ppl borrow it for him == after i bring Saktia them to BBJ den I rush to Suet Ying's apartment to borrow Calculator from her (BBJ is near her Apartment)..

when i rush back to BBJ the Exam Hall it was 2pm alrdy ...wtf =.= wat revision also cannot do...feel like empty minded go for exam..luckily this final exam wasn't so difficult i manage to finish it all smoothly at time =)