Friday, October 30, 2009


No Matter where u live
No Matter what u believe
One Day it will unite us all

@@!! so cool~ really cant wait to watch this !!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sem Break!

Finally our coll gave us 1 week sem break, but in this break, we have one Group Assignment and 2 Individual Assignment to be done..and for next Monday still gt Electronic & Electrical Principles Test coming..some more for Saturday and Sunday i had work for whole there's only Monday to Friday this 5 days for me to cope up everything...well..lets juz good luck to me la ^^

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I been Curse

There were few very unlucky incident happens on me recently..

1st- I got lost of my new phone which i juz bought it for 2 months only
2nd - I got my car Tyre bomjek on the highway, which after i fill up my Petrol at Shell station.
3rd - My Car drifted 90Degree on the highway which scare the hell out of me and i duno whats happening on it?
4th - My bag got broken..( this i dun really care much, but i believe it's a bad luck to me )
5th - My car got Clamped which i had to pay RM 50 to unlock it.

and so, whats comes next? I'll be ready for it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

90 Degree drift

Walao scary..after i pass back the phone to my cousin at Puncak Jalil i turn back to giant that route back to Puchong ma..and it was raining at the moment..i was juz driving bout 60-80 around only la..den when cornering the time gt a moter infront i mai slowly brake lo..and that moment i was thinking something also..means i not concentrating on my driving la..then suddenly my car turn 90 degree drifting and i like still thinking on something at the moment..den when my car completely stop only i realize eh...what happen? totally swt tat time and freak the hell out of me at the moment zz...and the motorcyclist turn his head back and see whats going on wif me lolz..

Monday, October 12, 2009

Very Very Unlucky Day!!

Duno whats wrong with me today Zz..After Finished my E&E class i rmb i still holding my phone, den Later i go to Computer Lab with Alex, maybe i left my phone on the table, den after that i 4gotted bout it!! den i go back home only realize where's my phone?? Wtf!!! den i str8 away rush back to Apiit and search for phone still can be called at the moment, after i reached back to my lab and search for it, its gone..den i call for few more times again it cant be called again zz. and When i back home my dad know about it alrdy..den he str8 away cancel my line away zz..i'm really doom for this moment...the phone i juz bought about 2months only ....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

1st Day on my Promoter

Today my 1st day working as promoter,and it's also my 1st time working as promoter, i nvr been to work as salesman or promote b4, so this all will be quite unfamiliar for me...and ytd i been to the office for training, the Project Manager also said i very not dim...and my performance even lost to two girls which promote same product as me...feel so ashamed of i myself infront them haha...and they very forceful of using me on duty today lolz...

well.. bcuz today is my 1st day of working, so my Supervisor, name Chee Koon will lecture me alot lo...firstly, he juz teach me how build-up my stall and boiling all those other stuff, den after that he leave me alone on promoting alrdy..den later on only he came back to me wif my performances...and I'm promoting Liptop Milk Tea Product.

em..This job only work from 12 to 9pm every weekend and 1 hour break-time from 5-6pm at SouthCity Plaza Giant, and during my work, i wont be able to use my phone, so my phone will be off whole day except for my breaktime.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Schedule full again~

Aww...Today schedule full full lea~ had to wake at 8am, den 9am go interview, after that 1015am got Presentation summore aiks... After that class until 1205 only gt break, but our break is 4 hours hohoho =D den we sure go play sumwhere de lo~ later on 4pm got class until 7pm le!! at 6pm that class still got another Presentation aiyo..sienz dao...

Then Later on atnight still will got wat activities le lols...will see how todays go lo~ might going pasar malam ~_~

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tiring Day~

Today not enough sleep leh~ ytd night 4am only fall asleep...aiks, den 2day early in the morning ah Dee called me 10 times but i heard ntg lol...den he call my maid ask her wake me up...i wake at 740am...ah...only sleep for few hours tired lo..

After that i hurry pack up lo, den go out with Dee and his family to breakfast. After breakfast we went to Shah Alam Taman Pertanian there ride bicycle, we reach there at 9am, and it was alot of peoples lo...almost out of bicycle rent ad..luckily it still got left few for us lo haha..we rented 6 bikes, ea person get 1 la ofcuz, after that we go ride along the forest lo, it was alot of animal around the area we saw, and the scenery there was very beautiful~ then v go ride around and later on Dee's friends also came and join us i guess there were 10+ of them lo.. after that we whole gang ride 2gether lolz..juz quite yeng lo xD.

When we ride back the time, we been separated into 2 groups, cuz gt some peoples goes very fast, and the slow 1 juz being slow at the back lo, Me is with the slow 1 lolz..cuz i waiting for them, den after that we try another route to get back to the original point.

Then duno why feel so weird, the route only keep on going up the hill, when we go up the hill we juz take our bicycle and walk up lo...den we keep walk and walk about 2km alrdy only we see a straight road zz..

(this is after we get into the middle of nowhere lolz...every1 is getting so tired)
We also saw a fiere monkey leh on the hill..he looks so scary~and sharp sharp teeth he got lolz..Later on we found every1 and gather up lo~
This is the Sky Adventure, looks fun leh~ but nvr gt chance to try lolz...

Then later on at bout 2pm we go have lunch at Subang Asia Cafe lo...every1 looks so exhauted that time haha...then after finish our lunch then every1 go back home lu...get some nap lols..cuz i think most of us also sleep for bout 3 or 4 hours last night only haha...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day Before Mooncake Festival~

hm...lets see, how i start this =D
Today(Friday) got no class for me, i wake up at 930am, after i go on9 for while den i tell Dee that later I'll b going to his shop to service my car. at 10am i bring my car to ah Dee working place there at Kenari to service my car.. well, i guess this is the longest service it toke me from 10am to wait there until 3pm for my car to be completely done @@, ofcuz i not only service my car la, i also changed alot of things inside thats y it toke so long~

At 130pm i with Dee had lunch at the nearby Indian Restaurant, called what CurryHouse...there eat very expansive lo!! we only ate 2 set of rice ,ayam redang, kambing redang and ayam goreng den it cost us RM26!! lolz...and this time Dee said he will sponser me for that lunch..i feel paiseh lo wan he pay for me that much lolz...

After finish servicing my car at 3pm+ den i hurry rush back home to bath and get ready up and rush to TimeSquare, Yang also accompany me along to Time Square. Once we reach Time Square we had a parking and take the monorail to Raja Chulan. We go there bcuz we had to go interview at Wisma Genting on 12 floor G2 Company. After Interview, it's nearly 6pm alrdy, den we went back to Time Square and wait for Lu Chi finish her class.

at 6pm+, Lu Chi finished her class den she bring us to walk around at her college. After that Lu Chi said she vry hungry alrdy, den she said she bring us to nearby Cheap & Good Restaurant lolz..we pay off the parking and leave TimeSquare at the moment and den go to the Restaurant she said. After we reach the Restaurant I go park my car, den a unknown weird fella came and wan money for my parking..we juz told him we dont have small changes, we'll give u later lolz...At that moment i also called Chupei over to join us, because he's also juz finish his class at nearby TimeSquare, luckily i call earlier bcuz he gonna move out to federal highway ad lolz..

After that we go have a seat at and order up foods at the Restaurant Lu Chi said. We ordered about 5 dishes, while eating, Chupei also arrived and join us. It was around 7pm that time, den my mum call me, and said "where u been? we gonna have party 2nite leh? hurry come back help us buy some foods from pasar malam" tat time i was totally forgetted about it lo lolz...den after that we asked for bill, went the "si tao bo" come out kira the bill, she so lan ci!! kira kira dy den said RM 50 wtf ???? we only order lousy lousy dish also so expansive =.=" really give lu chi yam dou jor!!

After that Yang follow Chupei car and Lu Chi follow mine, bcuz Chupei duno another way back so he follow our car back, While heading back it was traffic jam on the way, den Lu Chi keep question me some lame "Questions" =.="..we jam for around 30minutes and smoothly get out from the jam area ad.. It was about 8pm+ alrdy after i sent Lu Chi back home..later on i rush back to my home den i see my parents them went out to pm alrdy lolz...they sure getting bored of waiting me haha...
at 9pm, they back alrdy, den my mum ask me bring the fish and oyster to the Kenari KH20 there give ppl cock, den i guai guai bring those things go down lo, while i reach tat place and trying to look for parking, there was 3 cars moving out(reversing their car) they all on the same lane, the front 1 was a girl driving bcuz she cant see her back and she keep on slowly reversing her car, infront me is a Indian guy driving Kelisa he wanted to park at the girl side there so he wait her out lo, bcuz she was slow and so the indian guy help her out by pointing lik tat(tell her there still can reverse back abit), den after that the middle car also reverse his car this fella is with his family, i duno he cant see or wat he keep reverse reverse and bang on the Indian guy car Kelisa... really lolz lo...everything happen right infront me=.=" and the 3th car was also a guy reversing his car, he keeps on move in and out in and out at there damn dulan lo!! i was waiting to park at his side de zzz...all the cars behind hon me alrdy and i'm juz waiting for him to in n out=.=" bout 10minutes only i susceeded to get into the parking...Den After that i hand my things to those chef den i went up the snooker floor and see Chupei them over there snookering. About 30minutes only all my things 9dim, den i went back home lo..on the way back to my house, i saw almost 50group of families gather up in a line with a lantern on their hand and walk along the street lolz..damn yeng lo haha..

It was 10pm alrdy, lolz..only my family them get started to eat, I also digest alrdy @@.. Later on King and his gal also came along my house to take something, and me and my family celebrated at the backyards. below shows the photos we celebrated...It was quite romantic if u sit down here with ur loves one haha...

Okba... heres it is, end of my day lolz...thanks for reading^^ and for your time =)