Thursday, July 30, 2009

Group Assignment !

Had to start my group assignment asap!
submission date had only left around a week,
Going to start it 2moro on theng house,
and probably overnight at his house also =D
My team : Alex , Theng and Kah Hoe
Did Argument capable of solving problem?
Why do i born in a family that always have argument?
Will this argument ever ended?
I'm getting fade up bout them.
I would ever wish to leave, whenever i'm ready.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today my turn to debate at class, but i didn't go prepare any points for myself, so i speak very short and blind on my presentation zz..
While having 3 hours break at coll, we went to visit HELP University, there was so huge and alot of shops around it, me, kah hoe n yao went to ate KFC there lolz.. and Alex ate with his fren. After that we back to our college lurh.

Another bored day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Living is Nothing if we do not enjoy it,
Satisfaction doesn't gives happiness,
Being lonely and ignorance will only born sadness.

Escaping is not a choice of success,
Your background will always be with you no matter where you go.

No one can ever live eternally,
While still living, be great with everything you did,
otherwise, u will forever be regretted.

May God be with you,
and never loses faith upon any circumstances.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Finally finish my assignment, in 4 hours of processing ~!! woah~~

Belated Blog~

This is my belated blog, bcuz was too busy and tired recently and got no time to write my blog.

First day (23 July); today only got 1 class at 845am - 1015am. After that, me, kah hoe, theng seat Alex's car (T.Fortuner) to Sri.Petaling for our lunch. After our lunch we went back to college. bcuz my car park at college there.

After that Alex drop us (me, kah hoe and theng) at my car there and left us ad. den Kah hoe and theng follow my car go to time square watch movie. Alex advice me take another road to time square. So i take another road to there, on the way there it was smooth. and when reached time square nearby i cant find the entrance to it. cuz the road at KL there was very messy. den duno why while i finding to road to entrance it has taken further and further away from me to time square. After that i try find my way back there it taken me 30minutes+ to finally get into time square lolz..and while going to park my car, kah hoe said i didnt park it properly and so i tried again and was so accidentally i bang on the wall infront was only a slight scratches so i didnt care bout it..

After that we go into Time Square,We watched Land of the Lost.It was a Sci-Comedy show and very funny movie. After the Movie we went back to the Car Park, very lolx was we toke 10 minutes to find the car @@. The time left Time Square was nearly 3pm ad. and we planning to go back Kajang to have our lunch.

While on the way back, something like go into my eye and so i rubbed my eye and den 1 of my contact len fall out lolz...i was using 1 eye to drive tat moment, den kah hoe told me to stop by 1 place and then i lend ah yao to drive my car. Ah Yao drive all the way back to Kah hoe house at Kajang Reko there, while heading back on the traffic light we stop by, and we saw accident happen right infront of us lolz...a Persona bang on a Motor, lucky tat guy not injured much and still able to stand up.

When reached Kah Hoe house i got introduced to his family members, and that we go theng house to get his thing. and about 5pm den go finally have our lunch at nearby restaurant. After lunch, we go to Kah Hoe previous High School and play basketball with his friend. After basketball at 7pm+ lik tat we go yumcha at kah hoe house nearby mamak.

About 8pm den we back Kah hoe house ad, kah hoe mum noe that me and theng are staying down for 2nite so she cook dinner for us also =), den about 9pm+ we all waiting for Alex and Hui come to go for pool at Serdang. We waited Alex for about 30minutes and Hui for about 1hour++ make us all so dulan lolz..

2nd Day; After that we go Serdang for pool, and about 1am we back home lea. Me at theng back to kah hoe house, then we start our Math Assignment that time. We finished the Assignment at 6am, and geting so exhausted alrdy.and str8 fall to bed.

at 11am at morning we all awaked, and ready to go back to college to hand up our assignment. After handed our assignment we went to Asia Cafe to have our lunch there and meet up with Jet, Hui and their classmate. After lunch we go pool for while.

At 5pm i finally back to my home, and i rest for while den 6pm i had to go work till 8pm. den i was so tired ordy and i go bed at 9pm 2day.

Third day(now) ; 2day wake at 10am+ den i go work at 11am to 2pm. After back home i had my lunch and now is only time i can free myself for blog, but my free wont last cuz i had another assignment had to be done within 2 days time~!

It's time to start that assignment now~~!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

~ 19 July ~

Today woke at 10am~ and i go clean up myself, after that i go switch on my computer and on9 play games for while~ den Ming told me that later on got 才艺表演 on 喜来登 at 1pm. I told him to go 2gether with me and when it's 1pm he told me he when out to lunch with his family ad..den after tat i call Ah Dee to go with me, and he go out lunch with family also and told me to wait until 2pm.

When It's 2pm he's back to his home, den i called him over to my house right away. den 230pm he reached my house and told me where to go..swt swt la.. den i told him go to the restaurant there cuz it has event opened there..We reached
喜来登 and it's bit quite late alrdy.. den we go up and watch the show.

When we was enter, it was crowded..and the light were all pointing at the dancers. Then me and dee simply find a place to be seated and at the same time we saw Kai Shin and Chung Yean them infront us. den v chating for while and continue to watch the show.

When the show was going to end, some annoymous guy came and ask Kai Shin for her phone number and that guy had a girl friend 1..Kai Shin juz duno wat to do that time n so gave tat fella her hp num and chat for little while...that time we all juz stunt and looking at tat fella..lolz..

After that It's time to announce for the winners to take price, den we all excited cuz one of our old fren(Ti Hao) won the 1st place. Finally the show is over after then everybody is out from the hall.
Then it's 5pm ady and its time for me to work.

I go work at 5 to 8pm, after finish working i walk back to home, half way i saw Si Yao hidding in his car guai guai shi shi there duno buat apa. den i go over n talk with him for while n told me about his(Secret) den take my back home at the same time.

After reached home, i go bath. after finish my bath, my phone is back on9(my phone owiz gt problem 1) and i saw 10 misscall, 7 from dee n 3 from my dad lolz...Actually we planning to go pasar malam 1 at OUG 1..but i not sure where the place is, bcuz JynEe told me tat there got a pm 2nite n ask me go over for a walk. when it's 9pm JynEe Sud msg me said tat she cant attempt to go, bcuz it's too late lolx...lucky i hvnt go there yet @@

So i jz tell Ah Dee go to Tmn Megah tat pm there fine ad..v go there walk for short while den listen a ah pak about his story n for his product this ah pak name Fong Fei Long he said he's very famous in Ipoh 1..i duno it's true anot..and his medicane can cure many sickness i jz listen to him lo...after tat v go walk again for a short while den balik kampung lurh~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What to do to suffer

Today only got 1 class, it's at 845am till 1015am only. I drive to college, it's was safety for me to reach coll. After my class end at 1015am, i fetch Ah Yao, Kah hoe and his twin's bro to LRT station, bcuz they going to Time Square, they also asked me to join them, but i'm quite busy today...

At 2pm, i had to bring my Dog(Gary) for medical treatment, cus he got some disease grow on his face. I take him to behind Tesco tat Animal Centre, the doctor explained this and that about my dog. When everythings is done den i bring my dog back home.

At 400pm i go to bank n get for some money, bcuz i wonder tat i not enuf money go for dentist later. den 430pm I go for appointment at the Dentist there for filling my damaged tooth. I when inside waiting around 1 hour den it's my turn ad. I let the dentist see my tooth den, he said my tooth can no longer be fill anymore, it said the hole it's too deep tat almost reach my nerves of tat tooth ad.. he giv me 2 options. 1 is to remove it, 2nd is for save . I asked him how to save, den he tell me he'll remove the nerve of tat tooth, tat will cause alot of work, and the cost is 1k++ when it's done. b4 saving tat tooth he oso tell me to remove my extra tooth. My teeth grow like a triangle 1, there's 1 extra tooth behind my front teeth. he tell me to remove tat tooth by another doctor, removing tat tooth i need to do operation. I got 2 extra tooth, so it will causing me alot of pain that i maybe unable to stand for...and removing those tooth cost might even that doctor tell me to go back and think about it...tat time i really feel like lost of sense of living ad..tat need to suffer much pains..

After tat i go to work at my shop at 6pm, but i abit late for tat...and got scold by supervisor..2day work dao blur blur manager them oso dulan me liao...

at 8pm finish my work den go home dy...den later on go Pasar Malam with Ah Dee n snooker with him also...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting "high" in college..

Today woke at 810am,and my class start at 845am lolz...but i use to be late all the time >< .I finish everything up n get ready to go college, it was still raining outside.
My mum is fetching me go, and the traffic is amazing, it's jam like as always did..when i reach college it's 900am++ alrdy, den i hurry rush to my class, when i nearly to my class i saw every1 waiting outside the classroom, i wonder wats happen, den kah hoe told me tat the door is locked..lolx..guess i'm so lucky today tat not being mark late =D

Class until 1205pm, den me,Kah Hoe,ah yao and Sam sit Alex's car to Hartamas, bcuz Sam said tat he wan to meet some1 over there. Along the way, we having crazy in the car , joking n playing around.

around 1240pm+ we reached there..we been to Hartamas shopping mall, that shopping mall is included Taylor 1, it's juz like taylor join 2gether wif da shopping mall. We come all the way here and Sam said tat he wan to meet wif his neightbour over here. tat time we all "stunned" Alex scold him said "we come all the way here jus to meet ur neighbour??" really LoLz tat time..

after tat we go up to a Restaurant, which where sam's neighbour were having their lunch over there, they were chinese girls but not so pretty 1 lolz =D, and Sam like them alot @@ den when we meet up wif them Sam got we all introduced. At that time we also choose to hav our lunch there.

feeling regret of having lunch there, bcuz tat place is hot and the service is "suckss" i order a Rendang chicken + rice, and i feel regret of ordering it bcuz it's damnn spicy for me @@.. make me almost burn my toungh out.After finish our lunch we pay bill for it, when i was try to pay wif my money, Sam said to the cashier he'll pay for all. lolz..den i gv Sam my money n he refuse to having it. we all think tat Sam was different today or maybe he juz feel guity of bringing us here @@

while we still having a long break, we walk around at the shopping mall, 1st we entered a toys store n look around , den we go to books store to read some books. At the book store, Ah-yao were trying to preform his moonwalk style. den a American guy saw him performing it and tat guy said to ah yao" hey, tats terrible moonwalk la, this's how u do a moonwalk (tat american guy perform moonwalk show to us)" den we all laught the hell out of ah yao tat giv "fished" by a Guai Lou. really dam LoLz la.

After tat we walk around in taylor college too, den later on we went back Alex's car n heading back to college ad, the class start at 330pm, while still having some time Alex bring us to his primary school n show us around the area..tat place were really full of rich ppl la.. all cars dam amazing 1...

Soon more later we went back to college ad, 2day Mr.Warren giv us off so earlier, the class suppose to be 330pm to 5pm but he let us go at 4pm. lolz..only half hour class.

den i sit chin sern's car back to my home sweet home =)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My 1st Blog ~

Today woke up at 7am, i woke so early bcuz of having Carnival Open day at my old high school...after that i sms to chupei ask him woke dy anot, bcuz he telling me ytd tat he scare he could'nt wake, and he replyed n said tat he nvr slp.. tat time i really "...." liao, after that i asked him wat time go to the Carnival cuz i tot he will come n fetch me n go 2gether too (thats wat i told him ytd) den he told me "see me only..." i really wonder wat he means.

after that, i go 9dim myself and about 8am is time to out ad, i sms chupei told him i'm done ordy, waited few reply, den i juz call him only, he tell me that he's there alrdy n he said "har? u got call me fetch u meh?" tat time i really sienz liao, and abit dulan ordy...den i str8 away drive my bro car to the Carnival (actually the car my bro need to drive to work at pyramid 1 tats y i ask ppl to fetch.)

Reached my school saw alots of ppls n cars outside, i jz simply park a place den go in school, den i meet up with kok lim, wai hong n wei wern them n den we chat for while den we go to the canteen there, we saw so many stalls open by students in different society, and there also a "ghost house" duno organize by which society 1. many ppls outside oso come into our school for visiting, really so crowded tat time..

and den i juz walk around those stalls n see how they do their business lo,n saw alot of old friends lor, even make me surprise 1 is I saw joey n wilson also attend the carnival along, den i go "da jiu fu" with them and v have some conversation for a while den i started to use my RM10 coupon go for some "makanan" ad.

1st food i buy i think is from Natasha 1, RM2 for 3 jelly, she made it quite ok lo, better den my maid made 1 lolz...den after that i go JynEe stall,and i keep on question on her about her cake den she start to dulan me dy and ignored me lolz....really cute la she haha~ den i pity her tat no ppl buying it and i sacrifice myself n try for it lor~ i tried her stall "best quality chocalate cream cake"( totally duno wat izzit-.-) i used RM2 for it, the taste is fine for me but i not sure tat i will need to go W.C for next minute anot...

After that i go to chinese society stall, the Kai Shin's product is "hot" selling, but beside her tat fella(Suet Ying) keep on shout n shout to promote her "cha yet dan" and nobody is willing to buy for it, den aftertat she juz take ppl coupon and force ppl to have it lolz...really gao siu 1, and she also forcing me to buy it, but i probably juz ignore her =D

when almost 11am i had to rush to my work ad, but den chupei them started to go visit the "ghost house" so i guess i had no chance to visit it lor...den i leave school with "not willing heart" and rush back to my house return the car to my bro and i rush to my shop dy..

when i reach my shop, i find out the door is locked, den i try to call my supervisor, and she told me tat the boss is having lunch, tat time i really "-.-" zzzz" wat for they call me reach at 11am so urgent and the boss is out to lunch ? after tat i wait for around 5minutes + got customer come dy, den the customer scold say " wat la...agree with ppl meet at 1030am now 1115am still not in" lolz...den i jz told the customer be patient awhile n wait for the boss lor.. after tat i chat wif the customer n we talk about the new arrival puppy(poodle) jz 2 months cute~ and beside our shop is church, those ppls come over n see the puppy outside my shop is getting crowded ad..but the door is still locked every1 jz stand outside n look at the cute puppy =D.

10 more minutes later, my boss rush back dy, he saw outside so many ppls oso "shock" dy lols~ everybody like waiting for him to open the door, afterthat my boss got talk wif the customer i said jz now, and they oso brought down the new arrival puppy, and so the puppy is sold dy~ so miss cute face~ lols.

today whole day really quite waste of time lo...i wonder if i stay at school canival more is my 1st time work 2gether wif my boss, usually is me n my supervisor 1.. he la, dam quiet de lo..dont talk to staff de(me) like very scare i do work for him lik tat...everything he do himself 1, i so bored n sit there reading articles only.. n den i too bored jor i go sweep the floor behind the stock area, den my boss saw me finished sweeping ad he toke the broom n go outside the corrider there n sweep outside there, i feel he vry funny lo..why he dont jz ask me do it? feel like he wan to show me his work , i feel like i'm the boss to him lo lolz...

time by time passes, until 5pm..i finally "fong gong"(off) jor, dam syok lols~ reach bek home dy den my dog (Gary) barking for my return n i go play wif him a while~ after tat i relax relax..see my comp, on9 a while ~ den i call Ah Dee go out padang for a walk. We chat chat chat, hang hang hang den bek home lo~

at 8pm go out dinner wif my parents at 8road den saw Yee Fong dem wearing vry yeng coat come in eat oso lolz..den we "da jiu fu" tis n tat lo. after finish dinner liao den bek home on9 while again den i realize i 4goted some1 birthday today, n i go her facebook there n wish her happy birthday lo =) on9 on9 until around 2am den go to bed ~~