Saturday, March 17, 2012

~My 21st Birthday 2012~

I had been thinking for all this while, what I'm gonna do on my 21st Birthday.. It's being so indecisive for me to think that either opening a party or just a normal dinner with friends or just either just ignore my own day.. So this decision has been decided since my parents allows me to open a birthday party, and it's very lucky that I finished my final exams on 9th of March.. so there's 1 week for me to prepare everything.

It's also a good decision that making a birthday party, so I can receive many presents and ang pau~^^ as I never really receive a single birthday present before until now haha..well, and hopefully my wishes will came true for this I dun wan to walk my path alone forever~ *.*

*some random photos taken*

the crowd in my house~

The Cake ~ Specially thanks to someone whom made it

The Relatives

The Relatives

The Promoters

The Puchong Mates

The College Mates

The Secondary Mates

The Elderly Mate

The Best Wish~ (I'm actually praying haha..>")

The Best Memories~

All the beloved presents~ <3

Peoples that attended 2nite was like 130~150.. was far ranged from my i only invited like 80 peoples..and mostly didn't really show up.. but i'm still having great time to those whom came by and I'm really grateful for everything, this would really be my best birthday night at all~ <33