Thursday, August 12, 2010

Break Another Tyre Today

Today was my 1st day of class for my Degree Level 1, But while by the time i driving out my car to college, i heard loud voices came from my back tyre, i knew there was something wrong on it so I stop by the nearest Shell station and check on it, and i saw that it has been cut to 2 big holes on the side of the tyre, this sure not hit or damaged by somethings else, it's obviously been cut by some1, and so i call some worker from the Shell station came by help me out to change the spare tyre.

And so later on I called my fren from the workshop, lucky he gt another spare tyre for me, so i jus get from him cheap and the tyre guy said my tyre was obviously been cut, and ofcus i noe it as well, i wonder who so big hatred to me, but i gonna try and find out. Also i got scolded from parents for no reason by then, bcus the Waja from the time i gt my license till now it changed like total 8 Tyres. And they blame it all on me, but i only break 2 of them by accident and others i duno.