Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011~

This Christmas i got a scented candles holder as a Christmas gift...and..i guess this is my first Christmas gift after all.. I got it from my friend's friend Christmas box, actually I'm not familiar with those guys..but all my friends having their own plan and activity, so I end up planless during Christmas eve...sometimes I really envy ppls that have brothers, best friends or lover..cus no matter what condition you have, you wont be going it alone..

During Christmas eve, I meet a group of awesome and interesting guys.....they were my friend's friends as i mention earlier.. they were having a exchange Christmas present party in a new house. I just simply bought something from where I works and pack it in my friend house..and we go there about 10pm gather up and play some games...they start to exchange Christmas present by numbering by around 2am and after that we circle up and listen to a guy's story and whenever he mention "left" or "right" we had to move our Christmas gift as it was really exciting at that moment haha..

After everyone got their present and we grab a group photo =) and around 3am most ppls were left and so do we.. although I didn't really know them but it was really great time having fun with them and bring a joy to this Christmas.

I guess everyone out there having more interesting moment on Christmas and by somehow I wish everyone had a Happy Merry Christmas and also a Happy New Year =)

Thinks about New Year I still had no plan yet..and I guess this Year I'm ended up single again><

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Today I woke up abit late for class, cus was really tired yesterday at work and having a back pain all day long.... so I pack up everything and rush for class, once I step to my car and ready to go, I saw a deep concave scar at the back of my car..I got stunt for few sec once i saw the damage..I had no idea when this happen.. and so I ignore the fact at the moment and rush for class.

After class I back home, and I get down from my car I saw another damaged area at the front driver side..I was really confuse by the time..cus i didn't saw all these damage yesterday...even I park outside my working area I dun think got ppl will bang my car back and side...I told my dad to see the damage and he told me this will cost some money to fix it back and tell me to park my car nicely next time.. but I still dun believe I got hit by any car in condition like this..

My car was still new for I'm really precious to it, but such case happen makes me really depressed..

Back Part..

Side Part..

This Part I just realize after I trying to take photos at the Damaged part..

Do you guys think that from such view the car is being hit by others?

actually I alrdy know what happen to it..but haiz..hate to tell, hate to care and hate to know what I'm going to do about it...

This Article is just some sharing ... =)
If you guys wan know more can ask me about it, or you can just ignore the post =)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[College] Joke of the Day

1st joke...

While we was inside Alex's car on the way to breakfast in the morning...

Sg asking Tom..
Sg : Hey tom, you always go to gym? how much you pay ar?
Tom : er...I
Sg : nvm, how many times u go per week ar?
Tom : er...I
Sg : forget it, what you doing over there ar? what did u play?
Tom : er...I play

Wil sit beside Sg and say
Wil : Hey Tom! y you keep repeating the question ar? how much ar? play wat ar? i go ar? LOL

I sit beside beside Tom and laugh the crap out of me LOL..then Sg laughing and ask him again

Sg : Hey, later what u eat ar? u gonna answer like wat ar...? LOL

Tom himself feels funny about it too LoL..

2nd joke...

While we was having Electrical Machine class...
The Lecturer was teaching something about Power and so...
but then suddenly he talks something out of topic..

Lecturer : Do you know we need to drink hot waters at 4pm to 6pm everyday?
Sg asked him..
Sg : Sir, Why ar?

Lecturer : Because that's hows our internal organ is build of, they required it.
Everyone in class got stunned for few sec and laugh about it LOL..

Then after he mention something much about water and Sg asked again..

Sg : Sir, what water you drinking ar? isn't that mineral water? (pointing at the lecturer's bottle)

Lecturer : No, it's not (stop for 3 secs).. This is drinking water.
Everyone in class got stunned and laugh again Rofl!!

There're more jokes about today..but i forgot most of it...@@
It's funny and interesting to have jokes like this everyday xDD