Friday, July 4, 2014

Founding Myself Getting More and More Unlucky!

I wonder this has been my fate or what, or I born to be an unlucky person.

First unlucky things, gamble.
I don't often watch football or gamble, but since FIFA was once in a four years, so I'm just gonna try my luck. Ok, the first match I bet was a lucky win. After that I stop for while, then couple session after my friend 'jio-ed' me to bet along, so from that moment I try my luck for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on, it was never a win for me! Within the team of two, which is 50, 50% of winning, I manage to lose 6 matches continuously. God Bless Me, lucky I didn't bet alot.. but it was a pain also...

Second unlucky things, business.
I been doing several businesses for quite a while, but no matter what kind of good business I deal with, it will never be a successive outcome. There will always be a obstruction from getting me what I want..Every customers have fate on me at the very beginning, but things always end up worse..

Third things, money
I wonder I'm being too soft hearted or what, whatever things I pay or lend to the person, I will never get it back. Just like this guy, a friend of my friend, we went to club together. So we were told that how much each person should share. But this guy doesn't have enough money on that night, so I pay everything for him first as a stranger. On the next day I was request to get it back, but this person has disappear forever, whatsapp, sms, facebook, calls are no reply at all.

Fourth things, education
I knew this would come, and I knew I done really bad for my last exam, this is my one first saw myself fail in few subjects after studying for my degree for so many years..Result published and i got myself fail in two subject during the peak period for my final year project moment. I'm gonna stress to the max for now.. Resitting two subjects are not an easy tasks..

Final things, god
The most fishy things ever happen, I get to lost my car key in my house, and it was like gone forever! duplicating another remote car key was really costly! Why god had to keep me losing money!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome 2014, Goodbye 2013

Time passes incredibly fast which we didn't even able to notice that it has gone..I cannot really believe that I'm already 23 years old...and I was really disappoint for myself that I didn't achieve anything yet until now..I really wan to be successful in many perspective which I could have, but I always fail to did what's in my mind..I'm so way far beyond my goal...and I wish everything would be done and accomplished in this year. Just a short summary here to bless myself for the sake of successive. I wish everyone would did the same, before time passes out again..every year is a beginning of new hope..2014 has just reached from its journey, and 2015 will be reached for the next chapter from a 365 pages book..every pages meant to be something valuable, don't let it be blank and skip to the next page..cherish your time and appreciate what you possess.