Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crappy Day...

Today didn't know whats wrong with me, being so forgetful..I having class on 11am morning until 6pm noon today and 6pm i had to join a activity in our college with my friends along.

While the 2nd class end on 345pm, i walk down to the PC fair which had opened lately in nearby our college, around 430++ we walk back up to our college and I take my friend car to go get my car at the car park. After that when I enter my last class which is in a lab, i realize the pendrive in my pocket was gone, the pendrive i just bought on several weeks ago...ok this would be my 1st lost.

After that I take my netbook out along with the charger and start doing my lab work, when it's 6 sharp the class end, then my friend told me pack up and to go the activity we join.

I change in the toilet and leave all my dirty cloths in a plastic bag.
By the time, the activity end, I just take my netbook bag along with me and leave. When im ready to leave, i realize something missing when im inside my car den i quickly head back, and it's gone.. i guess my coach or some1 had took it.... well this would be my 2nd Lost of the day.

After that when i head back to my car, I rmb putting my phone and wallet into my bag b4 i going to the activity, but my phone is not in my bag..i was like OMG, where it go!! its alrdy 8pm++ at night, guess there's nothing i can do and just go home like that. And that would be my 3rd Lost of the day!

After reaching home, I try to go on9 on facebook and ask my coach n friends did they saw my stuff, when I take out my netbook, I realize my charger is not in my bag!! And this trigger my mind that i left it in the lab just now!! at the moment i really dun understand what going on with me alrdy, i just ignore the fact and leave it as it is, i just gonna go back to school 2moro and find it..=.= This would be my 4th LOST of the Day!

but I retrieve everything back in the end lololx...
Pendrive = dropped in my friend car
Cloths = my coach took it for me
Charger = got it back in "Lost & Found" at my college
Phone = Got it Inside my car, just found it inside on the 2nd day LOL!

I guess something rlly wrong withs me, I always getting headache nowadays..i can actually take out my socks and shoes from my bag and after wearing my socks and put my shoes back into the bag =.="