Monday, November 29, 2010

Losing Myself

This week is suppose to be my study week, and next week is my final...
but guess what am I doing now..?
Day by day facebooking, outing with friends and going cc or basketball every night..
When I force myself to the books I cant even last for a chapter per day...
This upcoming exam ain't easy as my foundation level, but i'm still like treating it nothing.
It's so hard to get motivated in this kind of environment,
Things and peoples keep getting me influenced..
why is this keep happening to me...
things just wont go perfect as i think.. fml

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Was planning to go Singapore with my relatives,
After everything is done and packed,
1 phone call,
Because of "them"
For the sake of not having pressure & trouble,
or giving others responsibility.
I best to stay at home.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kai Loon BD's Party

Today was one of my "dota-winners" friend having his 21th Birthday Party.
I'm attending it although they wasn't a really close friend to me, but they were friendly, funny & interesting friends you can have.
I thought i will be attending alone in this party, but then at 7pm i still saw Yang on9 in facebook, he said b4 he'll be very busy 2nite, but then i ask him and he told me "actually i'm very free 2nite" lols..and so i made him come 2gether with me.
I was suppose to go fetch this guy Jordan at 7pm, but when i call him at 710pm and he said "eh..I haven't bath woh" lolz and so me and yang wait him outside his house for like 30minutes..=.="

It was real crowded when we reach there.
Really looks like night market.

After we finish our meal for while, it starts to rain..
so peoples just move inside the house and play some games,
and also listening to the music.

At around 1030pm, Kai Loon start to cuts his cake and celebrate his 21th Birthday.Yang Yang (left), Kai Loon (Middle), & Me

After they celebrating, It was about 11pm, so
me & yang was about to leave, cuz we had to go for movie(Skyline) at 1U,
and show starts at 1140pm.

Was having a great night with all of them.
and 1 of the most funny scene 2nite is,
Jordon having his cloths off in-front everyone @_@
because losing his luck to a girl.
Hope he don't mind I put this photo over here Dx!

Being Procrastinate

Presentation coming, assignment deadline ahead & final exam is near.. but I'm still like having a holiday mood.. hanging out everyday and night, playing computer games and facebook-ing most the time.. didn't even feel like starting to do any of my unfinished homework or study for my final..if i force myself to do something, it just wont work the way it is :/ people like me always keep it task to the last minute x.x Spirit only appear by the time you've half-past-dead.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Born in a Fail Family

Today woke at 12pm, cuz was doing assignment till very late at-night ytd... and so i was quite blur for the day, and do my usual job taking cloths to washing machine n wash them up.. after that like 1pm plus a friend called me tell me to accompany him go buy television at ioi mall, bcuz I knew the sales man that sell the television he wants.

So like when i reach there for a while, my mums call me and like at very bad tempered talking to me and said "why you didn't go take away for your brothers them? and why u go out!? house gt maid who's gonna look after her!? (this is a part-time maid that come to work at our house temporary) and so i told her i'm outside and wont be back so early.. my big bro still sleeping at home he can go take away meal for my younger siblings and 2 of my younger siblings are at home playing computer games, they can look after the maid, it's like not im the only person that live in that house. After that she hang up the phone. few mins later i realize my dad called me too, but i didn't heard my phone ring and was busy talking with the salesman n so. After that i went to eat McDonald's and found that my phone had my dad's misscall, but i didn't call back cuz i already know what he's gonna said. After i finish my meal, my mums call again, and said "Are Really Not Gonna take away For THEM? and i gonna repeat again, "yes, i not going back so early, there are ppl at home that can do my job..."and so hang up the phone again.

I got home about 330pm, by the time my bro already awake and did everything, and so I go continue my assignment cuz about 2more days to deadline. At 5pm my friends call me go gym, so i packed up everything and wait for them to come fetch me. At the moment, my dad's came home, he's like some1 who had fire on his head, gone all crazy and yell at me "WHY DIDN'T U PICK UP THE PHONE!? AND WHERE U GO!" I saw he gone all crazy so i not gonna waste my time explaining to him and I just walk out to find my friends to gym. After that my dad's called me, and yell at the phone "WHERE DID YOU GO?!, "to gym" I replied, and he yells again "WHAT GYM!? I GONNA CUT UR TELEPHONE LINE AND SO!" *hang up the call*

I lost all my mood by the time, and just keep quiet and working out myself at gym and try to forgets what has happened back there.

After we finish working out, i go dinner with my friend and i found that my phone line has been cut. But i don't really care anyway, cuz i never uses my phone often and it's a good news that i can stay away from those irritating calls.

For Logically, I have no wrong at all, just my parents got too cheap minded they think negatively.

I got 5 family members excluding me, but non of them seems to be a normal person. I'll tell you their characteristic.

For my Dad, he always think about his own satisfaction only, like the whole world only he will be the person that are busy. And when I choose to do my own stuff and having my own things he will complain about it and said it's waste of time and money. Like I go apply gym with my friends, and i pay for it with my own money, after my dad knowing it he scolded, why apply those thing? waste of money! you are still a student, focus on ur study! i was like dude..no1 is gonna study for 24 hours daily, and i didn't even request a single dollar payback from him, why is he complaining? as like he's enjoy watching ppls sitting at home playing computer games like a cramp, thats y all my siblings have that habits addicting computers. I never requested any single things from him before, i pay everything with my own dept. For my studies n stuff, I never requested that... it's my dad himself wanted me to study... thats y everything are at his own satisfaction only. If somethings goes wrongs, we are the 1 that get blame.

For my Mum, She working for 7 days per week, and even on holidays. Everything in the family she will push it to me, and give me the duty to do this and that.. and making me responsible of everything.. and she herself being irresponsible. 1 of the worse case of my mum is she's a drunkard, every single night i sure seeing her drinking beer at home alone. And after she gotten drunk, she will start acting like a psycho.. sometimes when im outside, she will keep calling me for no reason. I wonder she has something wrong in her mind or what.

For my Elder Bro, he's already 22 years old, but always acting like a 13-years old childish kid, he never been change after so many years... still the same old attitude addicting computers and still being Dependant on his parents all the time.. like he's still gonna suck milk from his mother. People study diploma for 2 years he study for 5 years. peoples work at 10am to 10pm, he works at 3pm to 9pm or even lesser sometimes. I wonder he will even felt ashame on his own.

For my younger Brother, he always acting mature outside, a 13 years old kid thinking himself as a adult. He starts smoking when he was 12, and spent more than RM2.200 at cybercafe per year. He gets money from selling Sheesha together with his Indians friends, and lying to everyone around him. But not to me.

For my younger sister, She's a obsessive and conceited person, always request things from my parents due to her acknowledgment, It's like because she's smart and she deserve everything she wants, and my dummy parents will just gave her what she wants... how epic.

For Me, I don't talks in my family, cuz they just not the person that i could really talks to, even talking to a dog is better than them. I'm consider myself as a fail, but i try to be perfect.