Saturday, May 21, 2011

Autodesk Inventor 2012

A little design which took me 1 week to construct~

external view

internal view

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bridge Test~

My Bridge~

weight - 58g (which is very over)

only can stands up to 160N but still remain constrain, not fully destroyed ~_~

Only broke a little ~_~

Monday, May 2, 2011

My New Car~

Since a while i been waiting for this car.
here's the story...
My dad trade in my previous car (Proton Waja) to a Kenari with an additional of RM6k,
so it was to said that the Kenari was cost about RM24k...I know it seems to be scam and stupid, but my dad decide it's worth so up to him..
Once the 2nd hand Kenari came to my house, I feel it's even worse then my waja...
the condition of that car was very bad, and so my dad said the sales man (which is his friend) will fix the problem.
The only benefit of having this car is the air-con, cuz my waja air-con compressor is i suffering sauna everyday while driving waja...

After we get everything done for the kenari, the condition is still bad.. once start the engine there would be a very annoying sound came out from the engine especially when u step the pedal the sounds go louder with higher pitch.

After a while then my dad himself decide to sell it back to that salesman, and so the salesman introduce him to get a new saga fl.

After that my dad tells me about it, and ask me to pay the installment every month, well..guess i had no choice but to accept it, cuz i dun1 get another faulty car again..the payment wasn't so high since we trade in back the Kenari to that guy the overall cost is deducted RM23k and the New Saga fl was only 40k I only had to pay for the remaining 17k for about 5 years time..

It's been a month since I wait for this car, y so long? it's bcuz to the new car plate we had to wait...

(front view)

(side view)

actually I chooses the color of Granite Grey for this car, I tot it gonna looks grey in color but this seems to be a purple for me...mayb the failure in proton company didn't know how to differ color.. I didn't choose solid white bcuz I know i wasn't a guy who would so take care of my car...white is easy to get dirt and change in color.. so ya, this would be a better choice now.