Sunday, November 24, 2013

An Unfortunate Month

A week back then, when I reach home from office, my autogate gt break down, which makes me need to park my car at the roadside opposite my house. While I reversing my car, I was only concentrating on my left sided mirror, which makes me ignored what's appearing on the the moment I was just reversing all the way to the back and it's funny that I actually bang on a tree which grow right opposite my house since the time I moved in, and I didn't notice it at all. The peoples right around the garden was all looking at me, cus when I smashed my car to the tree it creates a loud noise to the was so awkward for me at the time to get down and take a look at my that I just simply grab my stuff out and take a gaze right behind the car smashed area and then walk into the house like nothing happen...I know I actually saw a big hole right at the back then..

Terrible damage from a silly mistake.., I got another incident happen again..well, it's Saturday, early in the morning I woke up and get ready for work, just the moment when I drive my car out from my housing area. Right infront of me I saw a Gdex guy riding his bike with one of his partner and stop by to a indian neighbour house. Then this indian neighbour open her autogate and got her dog just ran out from the house untie and chase towards the Gdex guy, this Gdex got freak out and tend to run away from the dog without watching the road, while he turn his body and start running he smashes his body straight to the side of my car while I driving along the the very moment I was stunt. Then I stop down immediately and get down from my car to get a look over him. He's bleeding badly on the face, but somehow still manage to stood again after awhile..I was mad and scolded at the indian neighbour to kept the dog tie before exposing it, it's lucky that he ran towards the side of my car, imagine if he ran at the front of my car i could have ran over him alrdy... Then the guy partner just told me he will settle things down and told me to leave. I didnt done any help and just left, but somehow I felt guilty and really bad by involving into such situation..

From this kind of scenario I had actually learn that, every event in life could happen in just a second before you could react to it. It will be unpreventable and unpredictable, so the best way is to stay out of the reality world and make yourself to a safer place. Life is meant to be destined. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Words from Dad's

Love is not about finding the prettiest girl in the world, it's also not about finding the girl that matches you the most. It's about finding someone that's right which could completely serve you well as your life-time partnership.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

生命如此短暂 Life is Short

On the night of 13th April, I received an expected call from my relative that he told me that my grandma had just pass away...I was shock at the moment and was really couldn't believe that it's truth...
That time my parents were still at their trips in Krabi, and I was being a guardian at home...lucky that my parents trips ends on the next day which is Sunday and also lucky it was falls on this week, because I just finished my final exam last's really thank god for that...However, when my parents came back I rush to the airport and fetch them back home to pack up everything. Due to my other siblings were still not home yet, so I fetch my mum back to my uncle's shop first at Melaka where my grandma funeral's place. It was really a tiring day that I need to drive whole day from the airport and then to melaka..When I reached there, I saw most of my relatives were already reached and praying with the master (sifu).

When I saw my grandma inside the coffin, it remind me something back then while I was young..I didn't tear or feel really sad...just that, i'm really grateful for what she had done when we was young..and I realize that, I'm an adult now...time really passes unexpectedly fast... and some of my relatives also turn out to be "leng cai" & "leng lui" dy..

We stayed here for 3 days until 17th April, till the coffin depart.. I think this will be the last time that we had such huge gathering with all my mother's side relatives, within this few days, we need to pray with the master every night for few hours. Furthermore, as offspring, we need to take turn to wake up in every middle of night to look after the coffin and pray on it.. Although I had something that emotionally bothering me within this few days..but being with them really makes me happy..

Group photo with our grandma's coffin when about to take off...this most probably be the last group photo where everyone can gets together..

The last photo i took with my grandma..It's was on the Chinese New Year of 2013

She's really strong that she can last until today with the stroke she got for about 3 years ago..She had been through so much of pains and hard time we never know... I'm really appreciate on everything she done..really ..thanks alot.. 
Grandma..You may now Rest In Peace. Your spirit will always remain in the depth our heart <3 p="">

Life is short
Learn to cherish every moment and every person in your life, because you never know when it will be the last time you see them

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

再见2012, 重新2013




想想看去年的收获可不少,最大的收获就该是我拥有到的iPad 3和Asus Laptop-N56V,这都是用我自己赚回来的钱购买的可没靠我爸妈哦。想看一个读着书的学生半工半读地去赚钱可不容易的哦。噢噢。。其实我还有很多自己想要买到的东西...就比如,手表,电话,鞋子等。这些我都希望能够在2013年以内得到的。所以,今年我要更努力的去找钱了,同时,也要考到好的成绩。在去年,不知不觉地爱上了踢球和羽球,所以我每个月的花费变得很高。还有,我健身到现在因该有25个月了..但我的体重从去年到今年从没上升过。 看来,我要懂得控制自己的花费方向了,因该多吃少用才行呀。

2012还有很多背后的故事都不想说了。。有心的直接来找我谈吧。 我祝大家新年快乐,明日会更好!