Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Unable to Online for 3 WEEKS !!!

Before i go subscribe the Uni Cool Streamyx Pack, my internet die suddenly, and i called the technician many times they juz keep tell me to do the same stupid things until 1 days they finally send a technician over, and this technician was unable to fix my stupid internet and told me was my telephone line crashed and tell me to apply a new fix line. But at that time i had alrdy apply a new line and the Uni Pack, so now had to wait for 2 weeks, but i guess those Malays do things sure take longer than that zz.. Now cant on9 at home really sienz dou.... but lucky exam coming, so this might get me more time to go study, if not i sure wont study until last minute lolx @@
alot movie published recently, but dunno wanna find who watch 2gether =/ watch myself feel kinda lame ~_~