Saturday, June 12, 2010


I been waiting for this moment for like 2 months !! after i apply the Streamyx Cool Uni Pack they only giv me 1 mbps, but the time i go apply for that package im subscribe for 4mbps and also they confirm me that my area are supported for 4mbps ! so i go to TM Point Puchong and ask whats going on, and they told me the Port is Full LoL.. what a lame reason how can a port be full. and after that i been forced to wait for few weeks and go ask again.

I back to them on the 3rd week after my internet activation, and finally there's a slot for me to fill my 4mbps internet. After the upgrade from 1mbps to 4mbps, it take so long for them to process, and the internet even dies in certain period and i been wait and wait for them to get it done, it almost been like 1 fking Month!! That i wait. Only the technician giv me a call that he would come and help me set the 4mbps.

Until today only they activate the 4mbps for me, pfft.. my download speed can reach 550KB/sec and able to download 100MB file within 3-4minutes xD! so now i dont hav to suffer from my internet anymore ^^

This is the speed i get now ^^

Friday, June 11, 2010

Job at Gain City Parts

I got a job from Gain City Parts company now, working under one of their branch at behind tesco. It's my 4th days from now since i starting it, this job had too many things for me to learn, i had to memorize down all the items their selling in the shop. This shop is eventually selling Air-cons and Spare parts only, but they had way alot customers. Everytimes the shop juz on at 830am, some of the contractors were there collecting items alrdy, Afternoon time lagi nonid say la...and when lunch time, all my colleages are busy until 3-4pm only able to eat their meals lol.

In this shop had total 6 persons working, 4 are girls and im the only boy in there and also 1 more foreigner which help to carry stocks in & out only. My duty there is to get myself fully understand about the working system, and sometimes i feel very helpless, bcuz when every1 is busy talking to the customers or so and im the only 1 that doing ntg to help them.. and all those seniors there got no time to teach me.. feel like really helpless..and everytimes if people ask me somethings my mind are always blank and duno what to answer them, cuz i dunno bout the stock and the price list. And 1 more thing that i cant believe that siyao is collecting stock from next to my shop everytime >.> which makes me saw him every morning LOL!

Luckily this job i only work for 2 months, If not i gonna die very soon lolz..but i feel very bad that they are trying so hard to teach me everythings now... especially those girls in my ages there..really duno what to say when i gonna quit

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gastric again...

This would be my 3rd time having gastric, this time i end up in hospital, it started at 4pm at Monday, i suddenly feel the pain at my liver, den i know it gonna be gastric again, at 8pm+ i go out dinner with my parents at Good View restaurant, i ordered a porridge and i only ate half of it cuz i cant take it anymore the more i ate more the pain i get. once I get home i str8 go to my bed and try to make myself asleep instead of having the pain.

about 11pm+ i still cant make myself sleep keep rolling up n down bcuz of the pain, den my mum came to my room n take a look at me, she saw i suffer so much and keep using her those buddhist things on me, den after that i ran to toilet n vomit, i vomit out everythings i ate earlier, den my mum go tell my dad about my condition and my dad bring me to the hospital, i cant even stand still that time, so my parents been carrying me out from my room to the car.

They bring me to the nearest hospital at Sunway. By the time i reach the hospital my dad call the nurse and put me on the wheel chair and push me inside the Hospital, by the time i cant really think of anything except the pain inside me.. den the nurse put me on the bed and later on the Doctor came by and injected me with something after that the pain gettin gone alrdy. And so i been told me overnight at the Hospital for a day. This would be my 1st time entering Hospital and overnight in it..but for the best of my condition i had to stay.

I been taken to a room after that den my parents left me after they saw me having rest on bed.I didn bring my phone, spec or anything else along with me, so i cant contact to any1 that im in hospital ><..

2nd day: The doctor came by and visit me at 8am morning and ask me bout my condition, and so i answer this n that lolz.. den i lay on the bed till like 11am my dad came n visit me and also i been told to do a body check up with Endoscope and ultrasound wave somethings lik tat. at bout 12pm they move me to a surgery room and leave me there waiting for like 3 hours? only until my turn to do the endoscope body check up, this 1 i duno what happen cuz they put me to sleep b4 put the scope inside me so i dont feel the pain, after i awake i been move to another room to do ultrasound check up.

After everything been done, they put me back to my room, and finally they let me to start eating something, before this i been like fasting for 20 hours not even drinking water. so i juz have some biscuit and milo for that time. Its bout 5pm when they put me back to my room and tell me to wait for my Insurance agency to approve my billings. so I juz wait until 7pm+ in the room and after that my dad came by n bring me out and go pay the billings and take my medicane and im out of here :)

Its really jam that time, by the time i reach home its 8pm d. Before i go the doctor giv me a disk about the scope, i open and i saw the inside of me... lolz.. i not dare to post that video here cuz too creepy and my hospitality bill for this period is like RM 2.3k it was more den i expected .. >< so guys dont choose private hospital if not emergency :D