Wednesday, April 17, 2013

生命如此短暂 Life is Short

On the night of 13th April, I received an expected call from my relative that he told me that my grandma had just pass away...I was shock at the moment and was really couldn't believe that it's truth...
That time my parents were still at their trips in Krabi, and I was being a guardian at home...lucky that my parents trips ends on the next day which is Sunday and also lucky it was falls on this week, because I just finished my final exam last's really thank god for that...However, when my parents came back I rush to the airport and fetch them back home to pack up everything. Due to my other siblings were still not home yet, so I fetch my mum back to my uncle's shop first at Melaka where my grandma funeral's place. It was really a tiring day that I need to drive whole day from the airport and then to melaka..When I reached there, I saw most of my relatives were already reached and praying with the master (sifu).

When I saw my grandma inside the coffin, it remind me something back then while I was young..I didn't tear or feel really sad...just that, i'm really grateful for what she had done when we was young..and I realize that, I'm an adult now...time really passes unexpectedly fast... and some of my relatives also turn out to be "leng cai" & "leng lui" dy..

We stayed here for 3 days until 17th April, till the coffin depart.. I think this will be the last time that we had such huge gathering with all my mother's side relatives, within this few days, we need to pray with the master every night for few hours. Furthermore, as offspring, we need to take turn to wake up in every middle of night to look after the coffin and pray on it.. Although I had something that emotionally bothering me within this few days..but being with them really makes me happy..

Group photo with our grandma's coffin when about to take off...this most probably be the last group photo where everyone can gets together..

The last photo i took with my grandma..It's was on the Chinese New Year of 2013

She's really strong that she can last until today with the stroke she got for about 3 years ago..She had been through so much of pains and hard time we never know... I'm really appreciate on everything she done..really ..thanks alot.. 
Grandma..You may now Rest In Peace. Your spirit will always remain in the depth our heart <3 p="">

Life is short
Learn to cherish every moment and every person in your life, because you never know when it will be the last time you see them