Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cheras Pasar Malam

Today we planning go Cheras Pasar Malam Cornourt there walk,
but while 9pm when we gonna out it was still raining outside...
But it was only a slight rain we ain't care bout it,
Me, Ah Dee, UWing and his bro and Wei Hao and his bro 2gether join us.
It was 1st time for Wei Hao bro's to join us 2day lolx..
I'm driving, and my car total 6 persons, so we juz try to avoid the police @@,
While on the way to pm, we lucky didn't meet any police,
then after we reach, when wanna go look for parking,
suddenly 3 policemen walking infront us lolx..
den Wei Hao them tell me hurry take another route,
I take another route and go back to same place,
so we hope we will miss the policemen
After coming back to the same place the police were waiting us there lolz...
then after that they call us come down from the car and check our I.C
luckily they juz take our names down and didn't bill us up.
After toke our names den they release us alrdy,
we continue to Pasar Malam,
Today PM was short, i guess it was bcuz of the rain..
Later on, James join us as well, den we walk for around 30 minutes,
Me and dee brought a Waffer and den it started to rain again,
after that we went to Fun-OK Cafe to have a drinks and wait for the rain stop,
that shop damn suck lolz..they dun let customer bring outside food=.=,
or eldes they will fine u for RM5, i juz started to eat my Waffer,
den the waiter wan to keep it away from me alrdy..=.= (dulan).

Later on, Wei Hao' Bro took a "SMALLEST Snooker Table" lolz~!
I try play with him with tat.

~Smallest Snooker Table ~

lolx..Marvelous~ @@

Juz the Length of 1 arm

So hard to play lea~


Pay bills and Leave lo
-The End of Day-

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Marvelous day~

Today 845am class, this is my 1st day of Malaysian Study class(Sejarah and Moral),
once i entered the class really woah lo~, almost 200++ students in our lecturer lolx@@
we end our lesson at 1pm.

After that me, Jet, Ah Yao, Kah Hoe, Ah Hui and Alex went to nearby South City there have lunch.

After finish our lunch ad, den we all bye bye to each other ad.
I fetch Jet back to his house, after that i went to Ah Dee shop to repair my Car's Window
Actually the window was repaired yesterday, juz because the stock i get got some problem,
so i get to reclaim it.
This is the window, looks damn lousy lolx..after it been remove.

That damn window really toke me alot of times,
and made me inpatient to wait alrdy,
den i call ah Dee fetch me back home and leave my car to him,
I so rush going back bcuz at 5pm i had to go Ms.Tay house and go for their church event,
now is 455pm arh~!!
i juz sidan zap zap my stuff den go to their house gather up alrdy.
Once I reach Ms.Tay house, i saw Shawn and his friends wearing very weird outfits lolx,
i wonder why~_~ dey told me is wat Mis-Match event,
every1 is wearing weird outfits 1 lolx..
I'm only wearing my college outfit to their church, bcuz i dont have time to change it~.~
after that Shawn's dad bring us to the church.

-: At the Church :-
At the Church there, i saw Xue Jen and Ivan them lolx..i tot nobodies is going 1,
den i also saw Yan Yan and his friend Alex,
we got introduced to each other after that =),
Later on the Event is started,
firstly, we had some games(lame game lolx..)
after that,we all listen and follow the songs
After that a guy name Mr.Steven Low came to the stage to talk about Jesus,
his speech is interesting and funny =)
after that he tell every1 to close their eyes and slowly raise up their hands.
we all did the same lor~
Later on, he end his speech alrdy, and let us all to have our meals,
While i was going to have my meals, that guy(Mr.Stven) came to me,
and told me that i have receive god's message and grazt me=.=
i really duno what happen lor that time...
After that i go have my meals,
Alot of great foods le there all made by Ms.Tay and her daughter Nicole~
all were so delicious ^^

After our meals, the event was ending alrdy,
and also the 1st prize 2nite goes to Ivan lolx~(1st prize to Ivan @@)

Later on,
we take photo to each other and chat for little while and was ready to back home ad.(me & Ivan ~_~)

Then a while more, That guy(Mr.Stven) came to me again,
he wan me have a sit with him and have a small conversation,
he spoke to me about those Jesus stuff again lolx..
we spoke about 10+minutes,
After that he ask me that i had a Bible?
I said "no" lor, den he gave me his own personal "Holy Bible"
I really feel very Thankful for that lor..but would i read bout it? duno?
he told me that which 1 should i read through,
and which i should know more about Jesus...
I feel like i'm going to Christian alrdy at tat moment lolx..
but actually i'm still Buddies haha..

After that, we goodbye to each other and go back home le =)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Exam, Test, Debate and Presentations coming soon....but i still waste my time doing phone themes !! @@, 2day used 6 hours on making own themes zzz damn pening

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rush Rush Rush !!

We Finally We our assignment on time today!! our deadline is 700pm 12 August, we handed in at 645pm 12 August lolz...i tot we're the last 1 who hand in alrdy, but den we saw there r 2 more groups are more late den us !! this time assignment really more on copy & paste rather on self-thinking 1, if get plagiarism the time really can da bao jor lolz

Day Before Assignment Due Date

Today was planning to go college and finish up our Group Assignment, once reach to my class, i found out that only ah Yao is attending and all my other group members were absence wth~!! Therefore i and ah yao were only spoke a little about the assignment, and today we skip Mr.Warren class again !! damn i been lost of 100% attendence alrdy T_T

After that i sit Jet's car back to Puchong, once back home on9, i heard that kai shin's dog were missing, and after that i went out to search for it with her, Chupei and Chi Yang also joined us at the same time. We search separately almost every part of Bandar Puchong Jaya we been throught, but still dont seen kai shin's dog on the street...hours of searching, the sky is going dark ...and so we juz give up on tat time and return to home..I feel pity for kai shin for having her precious dog dissapear, but the spirit is still there, I believes she can found it back =)

Ahh...Thinking back about my Assignment really 满头水 zzz

Monday, August 3, 2009

Pc Fair

This Time PC is quite crowded leh.. I go with Ah Dee,Wei Hao and UWing.

We go there at 1pm until bout 5pm only back, this time PC fair i jz brought RM4 along with me lolx...cuz was very broke recently >< This time fair more leng lui then previous 1.

this 4 was the hottest =) especially the 2nd 1 ><

Friend i meet on PC Fair,
Kicap Chan
Alex Wong
Saw Kah Chun
Ah Sim

Kah Hoe, Yao and Hui also got come but didnt saw them that day =\

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day Trip

Actually we was planning to discuss our OSE Group Assignment at Yao's house, and so i overnight at Yao's house in Kajang for the 1st day, I come all the way here from Puchong planning for discussion for the assignment, but till the end, we hvnt start or done anything yet for it lolz..
So i guess it was only a 2 days 1 night trip at Kajang =.="