Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Over~

Been having a hard time since last past week due to final exams and assignments..
i stopped all my activities during this period and just focus on study,
but i guess i didn't really did so well in this coming exam..
but however it's over, so dun wanna think about it anymore till the result is out.
this probably my final time in Apiit University, I'm shifting college once my result is published..
reason why I'm shifting is because this college is totally indescribably in it's failure.

I'm gonna shift to Uniten by somehow a semi-govn school would be alot cheaper,
the only disadvantage is alots malay in this college..
hopefully they wont be those "kind" of malay.

Align Right
a little lazy act while studying in the middle of night.. ><

After finish exam, we been to Mid Valley for meal in Chili's restaurant

somehow foods here not really that nice, and very expansive..
only advantage is that u can keep refill the drinks u order, but i dont drink that much :x..
that's it, end of the day~ :)