Friday, December 24, 2010

3 Way Trips~

As my previous post mention I'll be busy on December,
I'll be having 3 trips in peak on 18Dec to 26Dec.

1st Trip - Penang (18Dec-21Dec)
In this trip there are Han Wei, Austin, Max Phoo, Kai Loon, Eng Yew, Darren, Chris & me along together with 2 driver (Han Wei & Max Phoo)
We go separately on the start 1 car goes on 20Dec and a
nother goes on 21Dec which i follow.

1st Day, We meet up on 7am and h
ave dim sum after that,
Han Wei, Kai Loon & Chris would be my crew.
around 830am is time to start our engine
and move along to P.Penang.

Our Pro Driver~ @@
Crazy bus driver keep sticking our butt
along the Highway
Around 1pm we reaches Penang Bridge~
then we go look for Flamingo Hotel where we have booked.
took us an hour searching for it.
Can't believe my 1st m
eal there is having Ma
ggi Goreng on mamak res
taurant @@
After that around 4pm we meet up with another crew in our Hotel.

1st Night~ Clubbing
We've all ready up~!!

Day 2

So big prawn on char keow teow~

Visit Buddha Temple after lunch~

Been to Clinic cafe for dinner~
Chilling outside~

Day 3

Kek Lok Shi Temple

Special toilet at Toy Museum~

End of the Day, we check out at 12pm after that we take ferry to BM and back to KL, along the way we also have our lunch in ipoh chicken rice restaurant.

By the time we reach KL it's about 6pm, lucky it's still early and so I manage to attend my tournament @8pm on the day along with my team.

2nd Trip - Pulau Ketam (22Dec-23Dec)
This trip I go along with Yang Yang, Chi Yang, Jet, Bear Zai & Kam Wah we meet at Nainas in the morning on 6am and after that a uncle fetch us all to Jalan Templer KTM, well...6 of us pack into a Toyota Vios, u know how pack is that right?
about 20minutes we reaches the station, and well..there's no one there but a lousy KTM machine. We was lucky, by the time we reach the train had arrive in time.
Here where we start making films for the trip.

2nd Day, about 12pm check out for hotel.
by the time I reach home it's around 4pm, and 3rd trip starts on 6pm,
so only 2 hours for me to ready up~ >.>

3rd Trip - Hatyai, Thailand (23Dec-26Dec)
This trip I go with my family, we follow a tour groups along with my dad's Hash members.
we have dinner at 7pm and after that our bus pick us up at 9pm.
The bus keep move and stop along the highway to prevent accident happens.
about 9am 2nd day we reach Malaysia Border~
Malaysia Custom~
we been to visit Thailand Temple after we reach HatYai
After that we go to a chicken rice restaurant for lunch,
after lunch then we go to our Hotel to rest for while.

Our tourism Bus~

All Hash Members ready up for running
I walk around the Garden when they having the run

After run everyone back to Hotel and ready for dinner.

We have dinner at 8pm and celebrate for Christmas~

Look at all the red hats~

Next day, we didn't follow the tourism group,
cuz my dad decide to bring us go Pasar there to buy some stuff.

So many huge prawns~

On the last day we get off around 10am and back to KL,
about 10pm only we reach KL,
put us like 12 hours to sit in the bus @@,
which makes my butt paralyzed.

Friday, December 10, 2010

My time on December~

Exam starts on 8Dec, well..i guess not only me having Exam as well as those students with SPM/PMR and so for other Colleges are also having exam in this month. So everyone must work hard for the Upcoming Christmas~!

My exam schedule would fall on 08Dec ~ 17Dec, but after end of my exam I would be going for a trip to Penang with my friends in Puchong at 18Dec ~ 21Dec. After tat trip I gonna have another trip to Pulau Ketam with another gang of friends in Puchong at 22Dec ~ 23Dec. Well...I tot i gonna working after that, but it doesn't seems that job is successful applied.
However, when I back from Pulau Ketam on 23Dec, my parents wan me to follow them to Bangkok,Thailand to have a family trip on that day 23Dec night fall until about 26Dec...

So I guess I gonna spend half of my holidays to all these trips..
Hopefully I wont be exhausted by the end of the month.

Wish everyone had a Great time on Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ^^

Monday, November 29, 2010

Losing Myself

This week is suppose to be my study week, and next week is my final...
but guess what am I doing now..?
Day by day facebooking, outing with friends and going cc or basketball every night..
When I force myself to the books I cant even last for a chapter per day...
This upcoming exam ain't easy as my foundation level, but i'm still like treating it nothing.
It's so hard to get motivated in this kind of environment,
Things and peoples keep getting me influenced..
why is this keep happening to me...
things just wont go perfect as i think.. fml

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Was planning to go Singapore with my relatives,
After everything is done and packed,
1 phone call,
Because of "them"
For the sake of not having pressure & trouble,
or giving others responsibility.
I best to stay at home.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kai Loon BD's Party

Today was one of my "dota-winners" friend having his 21th Birthday Party.
I'm attending it although they wasn't a really close friend to me, but they were friendly, funny & interesting friends you can have.
I thought i will be attending alone in this party, but then at 7pm i still saw Yang on9 in facebook, he said b4 he'll be very busy 2nite, but then i ask him and he told me "actually i'm very free 2nite" lols..and so i made him come 2gether with me.
I was suppose to go fetch this guy Jordan at 7pm, but when i call him at 710pm and he said "eh..I haven't bath woh" lolz and so me and yang wait him outside his house for like 30minutes..=.="

It was real crowded when we reach there.
Really looks like night market.

After we finish our meal for while, it starts to rain..
so peoples just move inside the house and play some games,
and also listening to the music.

At around 1030pm, Kai Loon start to cuts his cake and celebrate his 21th Birthday.Yang Yang (left), Kai Loon (Middle), & Me

After they celebrating, It was about 11pm, so
me & yang was about to leave, cuz we had to go for movie(Skyline) at 1U,
and show starts at 1140pm.

Was having a great night with all of them.
and 1 of the most funny scene 2nite is,
Jordon having his cloths off in-front everyone @_@
because losing his luck to a girl.
Hope he don't mind I put this photo over here Dx!