Thursday, April 9, 2015

Journey towards Entrepreneurship

It's been almost been half a year that I had bare with jobless moment and enduring the days with zero income. I never thought of running a business my own before after finished up my Bachelor Degree at APU. I didn't even make use of the profession desired to employ into any relevant industry. It's all started by meeting up someone at the Exhibition that day...

This person (Dato') appears out of nowhere that day while I'm working part-time for my intern company in PWTC exhibition regarding construction materials. Then he asked what I'm doing here and requested for my name card. Of course that I don't have any name card for the company I'm working, because I am only a part timer. So I gave him my personal name which I freelance doing "visa consultant" to overcome foreigner issue in Malaysia. Somehow he seems to be interested on what I'm doing on my freelance, and he started to call me up for meeting. After several meeting we also been getting along very close and very understands about each other. He also pointed the location where I should focus my business more, basically in Johor. He telling me this because I knew he wanted to use me up to fetch him down to Johor most the time. 

So days after days I getting more and more understand about my business scope and the support I can get from him. I been meeting up many different clients in almost everyday to build up my network. But I also understand that I wont be able to receive anything from them until they going to agree to use my services. To be honest that, I found myself quite unfortunate in dealings business. Because everything I do end up with empty achievement but exhaustion. It's been half year I doing this, but most the time I only receive rejection from peoples, and I also open up my eyes towards the society, knowing up different kind of peoples existed in many different ways. I not sure is my age that doesn't encounter any trust to peoples, nor this business just simply doesn't suit me at all. 

I really concern should I move on with what I am currently doing or just taking my parents advice to get a fix income for myself. By seeing all my classmate already gotten their designated job, sometimes I really feel being fallen behind. Should I kept myself in a poor condition for next several years? or just getting myself some consistent income to move on? I hope I receive a strong advice somehow.. because not everybody can end up being a successful entrepreneur like Jack Ma.

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